Biography Alexander Fleming

Alexander Fleming, discoverer of penicillin, was born in 1881 in Lochfield, Scotland. After graduating from medical school St Hospital. Mary in London, Fleming immersed herself in the field of investigation immunity. Later, as an Army doctor in World War 1, he learned the particulars of infection in the wound and he found that many antiseptics destroy body cells more than he is damaging germs. Fleming realized, what is needed is something other than kill bacteria but not damaging and dangerous for human body cells.

After the war, Fleming returned to the hospital St. Mary. In 1922, while carrying out an investigation in which he found something he called lysozyme. Lysozyme produced by the human body, consisting of components that comprise both the mucus and the point of tear fluid that contains no danger to human body cells. Components that will cripple certain germs, but unfortunately not effective on specific germs that are harmful to humans. The discovery was, however appealing, is not a great meaning.

New in 1928 Fleming managed to find something meaningful. Laboratory breeds bacteria "staphylococcus", left open in the air and get dirty and rotten. Fleming found in the culture surrounding decay, the bacteria become liquid. He quickly concluded that the decomposition is to produce something of substance is toxic to the bacterium "staphylococcus". Soon he was able to show that similar substances are on the growth of various types of harmful bacteria. The substance of it - which is named penicillin after the occurrence of decay (Penicillium notatum) - not the liquid is good for man nor beast.

The results of Fleming's discovery was published in 1929, but at first did not attract much attention. Fleming noted that penicillin had significance for treatment. However, he himself was unable to develop a technique for purifying penicillin, and more than ten years an important drug that remained displaced.

Finally, at the end of the 1930s, two British medical field investigator, Howard Walter Florey and Ernst Boris Chain Fleming discovered writing. They review the work of Fleming and refine and make clear the results. They then purify penicillin, try it on a laboratory animal substance. In 1941 they tried to penicillin in humans who suffer from pain. Their experiments clearly prove that this new drug has amazing potential.

The instigation of British and American governments, drug manufacturers are now beginning to jump in and pay attention and quickly developed a method of producing penicillin in great quantities. Initially, penicillin only provided for the use of the victims of war, but in 1944 can be used by civil society in Britain and America.

When the war finished in 1945, the use of penicillin has spread throughout the world.

The discovery of penicillin antibiotics is very evocative of other fields of inquiry, and subsequent investigations have led to various "wonder drug" however, penicillin remains the antibiotic most widely in use.

One reason that make lasting advantages are: penicillin effective against various micro-organisms harmful way. These drugs are useful for healing syphilis, gonorrhea, diphtheria, also various kinds of arthiritis, bronchitis, scarlet, liver, gangrene and more.

Penicillin Another advantage is relatively safe to use. Effective dose of 50,000 units of penicillin made against various infections. And injection of 100 million units of penicillin a day did not cause any effect. Although a minority of people are allergic to penicillin, for most people is a drug that can ripen durability and security.

Since penicillin has saved millions of lives of people and will definitely save lives even more in the future, very few schools of different people about the meaning of Fleming's discovery of penicillin. The right place for him in the list of this sequence depends, of course, to what extent people give meaning to the role given by Florey and Chain. I think, some of most basic services and the role is on Fleming who have found the essential invention. Without Fleming, many people take time to discover penicillin. Once he announced his findings, sooner or later it will happen too memproduksinyasecara of improvements and more pure.

Fleming married and live happily with the gift of a child. In 1945 he won the Nobel Prize for his discovery services, and divide the prize to the Florey and Chain. She closed the eyes in 1955.

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