Biography of Adam Khoo - Success For The DO of the School

Adam Khoo Born with the full name of Adam Khoo Yean Ann on April 8, 1974 was the youngest millionaire and successful motivator from singapore. When the children, he is a fan of games and TV. One day, he could for hours in front of the TV. Whether playing or watching TV PS. Adam Khoo is also known as a stupid kid. When the fourth grade, he expelled from school. He went into the worst school in Singapore. When will enter junior high school, he was rejected by the six best junior high school there. Finally, he could get into the worst school in Singapore.

At the beginning of junior high school, Adam habits have not changed. As a result, he was ranked 10th worst. Imagine brothers, being ranked 10th worst in the worst school. How bad it is. Age 13 years, he followed a program of Ernest & Young. In the program, he learned what his name Neuro Linguistic Programme (NLP), Accelerated Learning, and so on.

This program is really beneficial to Adam. He began practicing his new skills. What he did after returning to school? First he wrote the goal. He will graduate from junior high school with straight A's all. He will go to Victoria Junior College. The best high school in Singapore. Adam then act crazy. He announced his purpose in front of the class. What happened? He ridiculed the entire class. Including the teacher himself.

When you become the teacher, you were probably doing the same thing. How could someone who was in the top 10 worst in the worst school to graduate with straight A's all the best and get into high school. But Adam did not budge. Ridicule and scorn of teachers and friends he made as a source of encouragement. He thought if he could not prove his words, he would be laughed at again.

Therefore, Adam tried hard. He uses all the great learning that he could of course Ernest & Young. The results are extraordinary. Adam began to answer questions in class. Although he is still ridiculed for making a record of lessons in a different and strange. He uses a mind map filled with pictures and symbols to record.

Finally, hard hard and steely determination Adam to fruition. He graduated from junior high school with straight A's all. He managed to get into Victoria Junior College. In high school it was the best, Adam continues to be the best. He graduated from Victoria Junior College with an A all and the best graduates. Adam went to the National University of Singapore (NUS). Best universities in Singapore. At NUS, he managed to get into NUS Development Program. This is a program for students of Top One Percent. Students with excellent academic achievements. Program for the geniuses. From NUS, Adam graduated as well as the best graduates.

That's Adam's success in the academic world. What about the business world? Adam's achievements in the business world is marked at the time Adam was 26 years old. He has had four businesses with a total value of turnover per year of U.S. $ 20 Adam juta.Kisah business began when he was 15 years old. He was doing business music box. The next business is business training and seminars. At the age of 22 years, Adam Khoo is a national trainer in Singapore. Her clients are managers and top managers of the companies in Singapore. The pay was $ 10,000 per hour.

What exactly happens with Adam Khoo. How can a child who was labeled a fool, his hobbies watching TV and playing games could achieve such success? Success may not be achieved by friends contemporaries. Friends at his elementary school smart? There are three major things that Adam Khoo became the key to success. Three keys to success is worth while everyone else succeed. Well, call it a successful person you know. And note, how the conditions of the following three things in that person's success:

1. The goal is clear
2. True belief and Strong
3. Appropriate action

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