Biography of Aristotle Onassis - The Beginning Of Billionaire Success and Failure Deficiency

Aristotle Onassis was born on January 20, 1906 at Simyrna, a prosperous Greek city on the West coast of Turkey. That said, he was born from a poor family, whose life is always short. That said, his father is a peddler of homemade wares from door to door, and his mother a domestic worker. Onassis never tried to straighten out the crowd about her past, at least in public, because such stories are usually just adds a brilliant aura of mystery that surrounds him. He has always realized the importance of a person's self-image for success, something which we will discuss later.

In fact, Onassis's father was a wholesaler of affluent and have the name because he also served as president of a bank and a local hospital. But Onassis was not heir his father's wealth, and he became rich because his family wealth. As we shall see, he went to the United States during a family dispute while he was 17 years old. He took with them $ 450 in his pocket, then only $ 250 was money from his family. His father reluctantly gave that much money just given at the time of going to separate, because he did not agree with his departure. Father and son were never close, a strange thing between Greek family in the homeland. Onassis's father who was raised on a farm with a hard-earned wealth.

His temperament is very disciplined and hard. Although always aware of the sense of responsibility, he is not one that can be called a warm and attractive. Onassis soon rebelled against any form of discipline. Since children through adolescence he generated a lot of noise and commotion, a thorn in the eyes of his father. Their relationship became more complicated because some other reality. His mother, Penelope, when Onassis died only six years old. Only 18 months after his father married a woman named Helen. Onassis saw his stepmother as other people who smuggle, and therefore she did not have any place in his heart. In school, he was stupid and like to look for cases, following the example of many rich people. No wonder he was expelled from several schools. He is most often ranked lowest in its class. One teacher said: Your classmates adore him, but because the teacher and the family's despair. While he was young, one can easily see that he will be one among them who would destroy himself at all or be a glorious success.

Although Ari report cards at school far from good, her talent to trade and make money has seemed from the outset. Perhaps the following anecdote to explain. One of his friends who have designed a small propeller, a simple toy that consists of a propeller that is attached to the needle berpasak paper on a piece of wood. Proud of his achievement, he boldly made a few pieces and try to sell it.

Another story describes a business talent Onassis in his youth. One day, a fire broke out at the warehouse schools in the city of his birth place. Onasiss buy a piece of pencil marks of the fire at a low price. He planted a little
capital by buying two sharpening pencil style. He, together with his friend, began to clean parts of the charred pencil. Then he sells pencils, pencil it back to my friends at school with a very cheap price, yet still provide a big enough profit. Perhaps this example is mediocre, but it works like this is a big business someday Onassis. He was repairing ships damaged and make it worth going to sea, and sell them at prices much higher, of course. In school, time goes on, but Onassis did not look up. In 1922 began not fun. Many of her classmates went to study at major universities in Europe. But Onassis himself did not pass.

The future looks bleak for him. A few days after the diploma ceremony, one of his friends saw Onassis walking aimlessly in the city park. He tried to comfort the hearts Onassis. In 1922, the Turkish invasion caused a dark shadow in adolescence Onassis were tumultuous. Smyrnba occupied and citizens slashed without mercy
love. Onassis's father, a man widely known, was imprisoned and Ari became head of the household at the age of 16 years. It's a difficult time for him. And at this time he
apply his brilliance as a diplomat and his ability to survive under any circumstances.

This difficult period is precisely the right experience to shape his character. Onassis landed in Buenos Aires on September 21, 1923. Luggage an old suitcase and money as much as $ 450. But within him he was bringing lunch
which is more valuable: a determination to prove his father that he was able to become rich without the help of his father. This confidence will carry over
his life. Without a diploma, no job, money and connections influential people, Onassis had started by doing a variety of menial jobs. He became a carpenter kenek
stone, brick porters on a construction project, dishwashing in a restaurant, and eventually became an apprentice electrical installer at River Plate United Telepchone Co.. For
someone with a healthy ego like him, this is not the appropriate achievement.

End year 1922 marked a major decision for the life of Onassis. His first failure as ship owners did not make it back to keep investing in the sector. He was devoted to shipbuilding. He is moved by an inner conviction that the ship alone will bring him to the level of success. So, gathered all his money, the time it was pretty, and then went to London. He was only 26 years old.
He has been known for its reputation as a businessman who dared, especially after his appointment as Consul General of Greece in Buenos Aires. But this diplomatic function not take a lot of time.
Market, which suffered heavily due to the fall of Wall Street capital markets in 1929, giving investors the opportunity baikbagi. The ships to be cheap, well below the original price. The best step is to buy the ships was 10 years. For the nine-ton ship originally cost $ 1,000,000, is now sold only $ 20,000, roughly the cost of a Rolls-Royce. What does the Onassis while still a child will now be repeated, but the scar is ship the goods.

Although his business is now in London. Onassis purchased his first boat, two old ships each costing $ 20,000, in Montreal. Both ships are named 12 Miller and Spinner, renamed Socrates Onassis and Penelope Onassis, as a sign
tribute to both parents. To obtain a profit in the shipping business, it is important to pay attention to the ups and downs and charge the cost of making the right decision. Onassis capable in this regard. More than that, he is an optimist who never
back. By the nature of adventurous and daring, he immediately stands out among the owners of the other Greek ships based in London, because unlike them, he
have no idea about the economic crisis. They are, he is not afraid to invest his money.

Agility and diplomacy luggage quickly ushered him into the high class society. Should not be forgotten, one of the lubricant in the ascension path to the elite class is a relationship with one of the first mistress, the beautiful Dedichen of Norway Ingeborg, daughter of a famous ship owner.

At the end of 1947, Onassis went through the other in a brilliant career. For the first time in his life he will begin to systematically apply the principle known as the OPM (Other People's Money, Other People's Money OPM), to borrow
to Metropolitan Life Insurance Company for $ 40 million to build new ships. As a tactic he used an oil company as a partner. Onassis will transport their oil and the contract will remain valid until the expiration time limit debt. Because oil companies are very reliable at that time, to borrow on behalf of the company was very easy. In a sense, a financial institution lends money to oil companies, not to the Onassis. Onassis often recall those days with pride.
He said that the rich oil companies were in a relationship with Onassis ships is like a tenant with a house occupied by paying
the rent. If the rent is Rockefeller, does not matter whether the roof is leaking or gold tile. If Rockefeller agreed to pay the rent, anyone willing to give loans to take care of the house. This situation also applies to ships Onasssis.
This principle is now commonplace at all. The principle is the basis of all real-estate development investments. If one borrows money for a business building, the bank actually lends money to the tenant of the building. They will return the money, unless the building was owned by an investor. This principle was considered revolutionary at the time of Onassis, Onassis and keorisinal laudable idea because most boat owners Yunnai at that time adhered to the principle: How can the ship, pay cash. Although he was an innovator as far as he is not using the methods of his competitors, he was not the inventor of the OPM, although perhaps he says so.

The concept was born from the brain of Daniel Ludwig, a wealthy American businessman. He has started to invest money in the vessel fleet was far superior to even belong to Onassis and then switch to the real estate business. As early as the 1930s, Ludwig developed what would become common practice everywhere. The idea came to him after a bank refused his request to borrow money to be used to buy ships and tankers merombaknya be. Onassis died on March 15, 1975, but in the end of his life he was asked to one of his accountant whether he can say he has the size advantage quickly by rounding to ten dollars.

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