Biography of Leonardo Da Vinci

Leonardo da Vinci (15 April 1452 - 2 May 1519) is an architect, musician, writer, sculptor, and painter of the Italian Renaissance. He is described as the archetypal "renaissance man" and as a universal genius. Leonardo is famous for his paintings of brilliant, like the Mona Lisa and Last Meals. He is also known for designing many of which anticipate the creation of modern technology but rarely made during his lifetime, as an example of his ideas about tanks and cars that poured through the pictures dwiwarna.Selain, he also helped advance the science of anatomy, astronomy, and civil engineering even also culinary.


Leonardo was born in 1452 in the town of Vinci, the province of Florence, Italy the son of Ser Piero Da Vinci and Caterina, so his full name is Leonardo at Ser Piero da Vinci, which means son of Ser Piero Leonardo Vinci's home city.

In the year 1476 the accused with the case of homosexuality with a male model who was a teenager named Jacopo Saltarelli. So many years that Leonardo was always under the supervision of the competent.

In the early years, he has learned to paint with Andrea del Verrocchio and started painting in the news tells Verrochio Firenze.Ada retired painting after painting his students to see that this one better than his own paintings. Besides being a painter Leonardo is also able to demonstrate competence in other fields. In 1481 Leonardo moved to Milan to work with Duke (Duke) in sana.Hasil his work during the Milan's most famous is the Sforza Horse is doing for approximately 11 years. But there he was not only painting and sculpture, but also transform the streets of rivers and building canals, as well as entertain the Duke to play mouth and sing. Then he worked for King Louis XII of France in Milan and to Pope Leo X in Rome

Meanwhile, he helped Raphael and Michaelangeo in designing the cathedral of Saint Petrus.Dalam his life Leonardo was interested in science. He began studying the birds fly and began designing a flying machine. His thinking is captured in his memoirs book of 7,000 pages. In the book there is also a sketch about the study of the human body. In those days, the anatomy of the human body is nothing more than just about anyone is strictly prohibited due to dissecting corpses. With kenekatannya sneak-surgical chance dissected bodies of the dead, his later actions were not uncommon in this era contributed greatly to the medical world.

Greatest Masterpieces Without Price and Works of Leonardo Da Vinci (MONALISA)

Masterpiece, Last Meals (The Last Supper) in the year 1495 until the year 1497 painted on the walls of the monastery of Santa Maria in Milan, has now been damaged by time. Another famous painting is the Mona Lisa which is now contained in the Louvre museum in Paris. A speculation about who the real Mona Lisa, among others, stated that the image of women is the result of his own fictional Da Vinci's face. Another speculation is that these women had ever existed, a merchant's wife.

Leonardo da Vinci died at Clos Luce, France on May 2, 1519, and was buried in the Chapel of St. Hubert in the castle of Amboise, France.

After his death, strongly suspected that he never plays a role as the strongest person in a secret organization called the Priory of Sion Knights Templar berlaskarkan. Is this a secret organization? Many facts lead to a suspicion that the Priory of Sion is an organization that is keeping tight-tight secret history of the Christian according to different versions of the Gospels circulating in the community. Which is kept secret as to who the true messiah and Jesus probably did not execute the law of celibacy. In the version that had caused controversy is believed that the true Messiah is St. John the Baptist, it is implied from the frequency of the Santo Da Vinci painted the index finger pointing upward position as a symbol of 'Son of God'. Version that is not less surprised him was the possibility of Mary Magdalene, the former prostitute diperistri by Jesus.

Leonardo's genius is evident from the many areas he controls. He is a painter, sculptor, inventor, researcher, expert machining, anatomist, mathematician, plants and animals, optics, aerodynamics, and even musicians reliable. He studied with no limits. Of course this is not serious because he did not work hard, it just "having fun". To paint a human, he specifically studied human anatomy.

Leonardo is probably the most insane learners. As he studied anatomy, he loves to go night-night, dismantling the grave, and took the bodies of people not known who was almost rotten and dissected. Sometimes it does so at the hospital who gave him permission. He really wants to know why the human body shaped like that. That way, he can be more detail in making paintings.

"I have Offended God and mankind
Because my work did not reach the quality it Should have. "
Leonardo da Vinci


Leonardo did not want to create a masterpiece, but he wanted to create a masterpiece, A Masterpiece. A work of art with colorful compositions are so beautiful with an almost perfect detail as the original, so that all who see it will be charmed and touched his heart. But that's not the main ..

His work is the highest offering to God. Leonardo wanted to make work that is so beautiful, so even Tuhanpun would gladly see it. Throughout his life no less that 30 bodies and learned he had surgery. It's disgusting, but disgust was actually not a problem that large and important than the greatness of his work and also advances the science of human anatomy.

Since childhood, he liked to read at his father's library at Florence. As adults, Leonardo could have its own library with many books including the collection of Dante and Petrarch. The subject also varied ranging from mathematics, anatomy, medicine, until the books about war. From there his knowledge becomes more widespread and sharp. Leonardo was also a visionary. He had imagined flying machines such as helicopters, vehicles with a protective iron (like tanks), or a ship that can move beneath the sea. He even designed the mechanics of human known as Leonardo's robot, the design of "robot" that is often considered the first robot in history.

However, the greatest work of course is the Mona Lisa. Painting a beautiful woman is the culmination of all his knowledge about the coloring, light, perspective, and-not-forgotten human anatomy.

In the painting, he uses the technique of painting is very high and difficult to imitate, sfumato, a technique that makes the painting look like a foggy, unfocused, with transitions between colors are incredible soft and smooth. Monalisa looks so alive, even his smile was inviting curiosity of all who see it until now.

Why is Mona Lisa smiling? Why does he look so happy? No one can answer that question with certainty. Other paintings are extremely valuable is the "Last Supper", The Last Supper, which dramatically depicts Jesus' last supper with 13 disciples before he was betrayed and crucified.

(In the book Dan Brown's fiction is very famous, "The Da Vinci Code" (2003), a painting of The Last Supper, said to contain the greatest mysteries in the history of Christianity heavily guarded, even with the protector of lives for thousands of years).

Leonardo produced many works of art and various other stunning designs before his death on May 2, 1519. Until now, even Einstein and Isaac Newton was deemed unable to match the genius of Leonardo da Vinci.

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