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Leonardo DiCaprio
Leonardo DiCaprio

With the full name Leonardo Wilhelm DiCaprio was born in Los Angeles, 11 November 1974 Her mother, Irmelin, is a former legal secretary of Russia's bloody. The father, George DiCaprio is a distributor of comics as well as underground comic artist of mixed blood Italian-German. Leo's acting career has been started since the age of 5 years. At that time he was playing in a television drama titled Romper Room. But after that his acting career did not go smoothly. Small Leo repeatedly rejected in the audition a number of films. Never once when he failed to get a contract with an agency refuses to change because of her stage name to Lenny Williams.

Leo was broke. Great support from the father had made up the step by step towards the role of art and entertainment world. After appearing in a number of public service ads such as How to Deal With a Parent Who Takes Drugs and Mickey's Safety Club, Leo, who grew up too poor across a number of television dramas such as Lassie, The Outsiders, Santa Barbara, Roseanne, Parenthood, and Growing Pains. But only in the movie critters 3 (1991) Leo got his first serious role. Having starred in several feature films, the name of Leo really skyrocketed when he became the lead role in a titled Titanic in 1997. One of Hollywood's most successful films of all time really catapulted Leo's name and career to the highest peak of Hollywood celebrities.

This popularity could make Leo's shaken psyche. He almost did not recognize herself after the explosion of the film Titanic. Rather than make her proud da big head, it made him miserable popularity. Unable to bear with all that, Leo 'disappeared' from the art world for a moment the role. The film's first big screen Leo after Titanic was The Man In The Iron Mask. The film was apparently not received a positive response from the community. Leo instead of broken charcoal, instead he seemed grateful for this. Soon after The Man In The Iron Mask, he starred in a number of roles that made his name known as a veteran character actor, not the actor-idol handsome heart-women like her role Titanic.

Catch Me If You Can (2002), and Gangs of New York (2002) are films that make the light rays back Leo. Leo's next three films were no less powerful. Each titled The Aviator (2004), Blood Diamond (2006), and The Departed (2006), three films have been delivering Leo returned to the gate of Hollywood success, this time as a perfect character actor. leo has managed to erase the image of sweetness in the film Titanic which made him 'sick' it.

Leo back in 2010 starred in a sci-fi action film a big success, titled Inception. In the film, Leo again showed excellent acting. Highlight the character rather than beauty. Leo figure back into the prestigious Academy Award nominations for the umpteenth time. In the same year, a film starring thriller titled Shutter Island, managed to steal the attention of movie-loving audience around the world. Even the film became a hot topic in some internet forum because of a confusing ending and acting Leo skyline.

Leo is also known as one of the few Hollywood celebrities who truly have concern for the humanitarian activities. He often travels the world to educate about the environment or simply sympathize rescue the victims of natural disaster or other calamity. A number of humanitarian awards were achieved such as the Star Eco Station (Celebrity For the Environment Award), Environment Now (Martin Litton Environmental Warrior Award), and Green Cross International and Global Green USA (Entertainment Industry Environmental Leaders
Leonardo DiCaprio,Actor Movie

Like other celebrities, Leo's personal life had become 'victimizing'. Logged Leo ever dealt with a number of famous women, including Cameron Diaz, Sara Gilbert, Kate Winslet, Liv Tyler, Juliette Lewis, Claire Danes, Natasha Henstridge, Demi Moore, Bridget Hall, Bijou Phillips, Kristin Zang, Amber Valleta, Helena Christensen, and the last model from Israel, Bar Refaeli. However, from a series of that name, his relationship with gorgeous model Gisele Bundchen stole the most attention.

But all the fame and success are still made him uncomfortable. Leo did not like his personal life devoured by the public, he just wanted his work and his roles are remembered and appreciated, not privacy. Now Leo is also founded a film company called Appian Way under Warner Brothers, and he also became a producer and writer of several books. Rarely Hollywood celebrities such as Leo's total dedication, which makes some people can remember more than the role which brought handsome face. Leo continued success!

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