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Luna Maya (born in Denpasar, Bali, August 26, 1983, age 28 years) is a soap opera actress and feature films Indonesia who began his career as an advertising and catwalk model.


Luna began her career as a model. He went into the role in 2004 as a supporting role through the film 30 Days Looking for Love. In the film, Luna role as Barbara, a beautiful and sexy girl who becomes a man's dream. This is the first Luna role as the antagonist. After that Luna appeared in the film Brownies in 2005. In the film director Hanung Bramantyo, Luna back into a supporting role. Luna's first role as the main character is as Mina in Ward 13 in the same year.
The name Luna getting bounced in the world of entertainment Indonesia, after he played in the movie Love Silver and rumored to be in touch with Ariel, Peterpan band vocalist. Their relationship often led to speculation from the media.
After Love Silver, Luna appeared in the room, his acting won several nominations in the national film awards including the Festival Film Indonesia. In addition to feature films, Luna also exist in the world of soap operas and starred in a number of leading advertising such as Lux, Zestea, Sarimi, Vitalong C, XL, Mrs. Cream Detergent, Toshiba, etc..
A series of achievements made by Luna he was elected as one of the torchbearers in the Olympic Games 2008. Not only the world of role models and they work by Luna. Together Sandra and Sandra Dewi, Luna also contributed his voice in the Euro 2008 theme song entitled "Play".
After his collaboration with Sandra and Sandra Dewi, Luna returned to the collaboration, this time with Dide, vocalist of the band Green Day. They sang the song "The voice (I hope)" owned "Green Leaves" which re-arranged version of dangdut. The song became the soundtrack for the film Luna, Widow Flower. In addition, Luna also expanded in the field of directing the indie directed a short film titled "Sacred And The City", a video clip new single singer Nadia (Dhea Ananda), entitled You're Not Loyal where Luna also serves as producer for his new album, and video clips from a new band named Malka
Beginning April 2010, Luna set by Indonesia's Showbiz Insiders as the # 1 Highest Paid TV Star in 2009 and the # 3 Highest Paid Actress in 2009, for the first time in collaboration with her lover, Ariel, in a Lux advertisement couple versions.
Post video porn case involving his name circulating, November 2010 Luna appeared as a guest star in mini-concert by the Silver Love singer Barry Manilow concert which is specifically dedicated to Luna and director Erwin Arnada. At the concert, Luna read a love poem.



At the end of 2009, Luna problem with Infotainment on Twitter because of his emotional statement about infotainment. "Infotainment degree is more contemptible than a whore and a murderer! May your souls burn in hell!" Luna wrote in his Twitter account, as quoted on December 16, 2009. This statement came at midnight, at about 0:00 pm after the camera is one of the crew hit the head Alleia infotainment, Ariel's daughter who was attending the premiere of the movie he was carrying after Ariel, 'The Dreamer,' on the second floor of Plaza EX, Jakarta on the night of December 15, 2010 . Although a few hours after the statement, Luna finally decided to remove them later apologized 'Sorry ya all to twit who's not important, who understand thanks tp for bgt, tp, not everyone knows to jg sorry ...,". Pros and cons inevitable as sharpening a problem because the infotainment related Luna reported that assertion. The case received wide attention from various circles, and even widened kemasalah other problems: NU issued a fatwa against the infotainment [4], the Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI) rejected the infotainment part of journalists, who increasingly strong urge to immediately repaired UU ITE, and other forth until it snaps in the United States human rights record

Amateur porn video

Luna Maya bounced back to Indonesia in early June 2010 because the circulation of amateur porn video with her boyfriend, Ariel, in cyberspace. The video recording showed that sexual relations are underway Luna and Ariel, consists of two parts each of which lasted 1.4 minutes and 6.5 minutes. The case received wide attention from the media in this country and abroad to make a career in the entertainment world destroyed Luna, starting from Unilever who decided his contract as an icon followed LUX Toshiba and Strikes While WFP has chosen not to interfere in personal matters such Luna.


# 3 Cover Girl Aneka Yess! 1999
Avante EO and E-motion Entertainment Inspiring Women Awards category of Best Face modeling field
Nominations MTV Indonesia Movie Awards 2005 Most Favorite Actress category in the movie "Ward 13"
UN Ambassador for WFP (World Food Program) Indonesia [13]
Potential 2006 version Star tabloid Star Indonesia
Exclusive Icon LUX 2006 [14]
Nominations MTV Indonesia Movie Awards 2006 Most Favorite Actress category in the movie "Space"
Nominated Film Festival Indonesia 2006 Main categories of Best Female Actor in the film "Space"
Nominations Indonesian Movie Awards 2007 Best Female Main Actress category in the movie "Space"
Nominations Indonesian Movie Awards 2007 Favorite Female Main Actress category in the movie "Space"
Nominations Bandung Film Festival 2007 Main categories of the play Woman Praised in the film "Jakarta Undercover"
Nominations MTV Indonesia Movie Awards 2007 Most Favorite Actress category in the film "Message From Heaven"
Ambassadors to channel Astro Astro Aruna 2007
Asthma Duta Indonesia 2007
The Most Sexiest Female In Indonesia, 2007 (# 3 in the world) version of the magazine FHM
Favorite Female Star Ad respondents DetEksi 2007 version Java Post
Beijing 2008 Olympic Torch Bearer
Product Ambassador Toshiba Indonesia [18]
# 5 artist Indonesia's richest 2008 version of the magazine Globe Asia [19]
Ambassadors of WWF Indonesia 2008
Nominations Indonesia Kids Choice Awards 2008 Favorite Female Artist category
! Nsert Anniversary Awards 2008 Most Sexiest Female Celebrity category
Favorite Actress Widescreen respondents DetEksi 2008 version Java Post
2008 Women's Ad Stars Favorite respondents DetEksi version Java Post
The Most Beautiful Woman In Indonesia 2008 version of Stop Magazine
Indonesian Kids' Choice Awards 2009 Female Artist category favorites
Nominations Indonesia Kids Choice Awards 2009 category Anchor Favorites
Panasonic Awards 2009 Nominated Favorite Actress category
Panasonic Awards 2009 Nomination Presenter category Music Variety Show Go
! Nsert Anniversary Award 2009 category We Love To Hate Artist
Rolling Stone's Editors' Choice Awards 2009 category of The Sensational Artist Of The Year [21]
Tersilet artist Razor 2009 version RCTI
Stars Shine At 2009 version of Star tabloid Indonesia [22]
Bintang Indonesia Indonesia 2009 version of the tabloid Star
Favorite Actress Widescreen 2009 version of the respondents DetEksi Java Post
Favorite Female Star Ad 2009 version of the respondents DetEksi Java Post
Favorite Artist Magazine 2009 Readers Choice GIRL
Awarding Night 2009 LA Lights Indie Movie category Special Mention Award for the film "Sacred And The City" [23]
Nominations Panasonic Awards 2010 Favorite Actress category
Panasonic Awards 2010 Nomination Presenters Music Variety Show Go
Nominations Indonesia Kids Choice Awards 2010 Favorite Female Artist category
Official Ambassador of Mercedes Benz Indonesia 2010 [24]
AMI Awards 2010 Nomination category Best Original Soundtrack of Work and Work Song Best Collaboration in the song "Voice" (I hope)

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