Biography Mbah Surip

Mbah Surip Indonesia is a unique singer of the famous with the song did not pick her up. He was born on May 5, 1949 in East Java Mojokerto. Born with the name Urip Ariyanto. Current status as champion Surip widower with four children and also as a grandfather with four grandchildren. According to his testimony champion Surip include people who liked school, junior champion Surip have a diploma, ST, SMEA, STM, Drs. same engineer and MBA. Aside from being a singer, champion Surip never felt the experience of working in the field of oil drilling, mining diamonds, gold, and others even have worked in foreign countries like Canada, Texas, Jordan and California. Mbah Surip died on August 4, 2009 when he was increasingly popular in Indonesia.

Biography Mbah Surip singer was carrying

But the fate Feeling less good, champion Surip try their luck by going to Jakarta. In the capital Jakarta, he joined a few communities such as True works of art, Aquila, Bulungan, and Taman Ismail Marzuki.

At one time, fate decided otherwise. Mbah Surip get a chance to record and eventually achieve success as now.

Mbah Surip on stage
In the course of his musical champion Surip has issued several albums of music. Album recording starts from 1997 include:

1. Ijo Royo-royo (1997),
2. Indonesia I (1998),
3. Reform (1998),
4. Not Wear (2003),
5. New Items (2004).

But it turns out the song Not Wear was created in 1983 when champion Surip masihbekerja in the United States. According to philosophy of this song is one of the study, which carried it to anyone, whether good, fierce, mischievous, or malicious. Like the bus, passengers do not care, whether it's pickpockets, vagabonds, workers, yes anyone. Therefore, holding that learning is wrong.

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