Biography of Ken Kutaragi, Creator of the PlayStation

Ken Kutaragi, is a businessman and inventor of the play station game machine from Japan who is very famous in the world. Born in Tokyo August 8, 1950 from families who are economically mediocre, but he has the passion, perseverance, innovation and extraordinary creativity. His family lived with managing a printing business in Tokyo. At school age, Kutaragi is known as thin-brained student he rajinyang diligent and intelligent student, almost every test always get the value 100.

Kutaragi also known as a child who likes tinkering with things mechanical, he often opened his own toy and see how the toy works. From the nature of curiosity, finally brought an interest in electronics into adulthood, with the same reason he studied and graduated from Denki Tsushin University majoring in electronics. After earning his electronics engineer, he later worked at the giant company SONY Akio Morita founded. In the company name skyrocketed as an exceptional problem solver. Every job in embannya can be completed successfully, including digital cameras penembangan projects and LCD monitors.

Interest in developing the game (game) based electronics began in the late 1980s when his daughter play games through the Famicom. The idea to develop a video game business began to emerge. The idea was later on revealed to the Principals SONY, but not getting a response. The idea was later realized Nintendo's games companies. Clandestinely Kutaragi created a chip SPC 700 for video games for Nintendo's company. Job management Kutaragi Sony finally known that he was almost expelled from Sony. But a Sony CEO Norio Ohga named Kutaragi, so struggled to save survivors of the dismissal, he even asked to continue to develop their projects.

Upon completion of the project for Nintendo, Sony's Kutaragi submitted an application to fund research for making the Super NES CD (Application technology for Play Station). Also be granted his request for help and Norio Ohga struggle as one of Sony's top brass, so at the end of 1990 officially launched the Sony Play Station.

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