Biography of Munir Said Thalib

Munir Said Thalib (born in Malang, East Java, December 8, 1965 - died in Jakarta majors to Amsterdam, 7 September 2004 at age 38 years) is a man of Arab descent who is also an Indonesian human rights activist. His last position was Executive Director of the Institute for Monitoring Human Rights Indonesia Imparsial.
Contrast Council while serving as a fighter named soar for missing persons who were kidnapped at the time. When he defended the activists who were victims of kidnapping Rose Team of Special Forces. After Suharto's fall, the kidnapping was the reason for dismissal Danjen Subianto Prabowo and Kopassus diadilinya Rose team members.
Munir's body was buried in the Garden City Public Cemetery Stone.
Munir's wife, Suciwati, along with other human rights activists continue to demand the government to uncover the murder case.


At night, a husband and wife talking in the front door of the departure of the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. Both will be separated a year after nine years of living together. The husband, Munir Said Talib, will continue the study of S2 field of humanitarian law at the University of Utrecht, The Netherlands. At 21:30 pm. Through loudspeakers, all passengers of a Garuda Indonesia flight number GA 974 destination Amsterdam airport officials are welcome to board the plane.
Groups of white men rushing, many of them are Dutch citizens. Munir will also use the services of the nation's flagship airline. When will enter the door of the plane, met Munir Pollycarpus Budihari Priyanto, Garuda pilot who was called Polly. Polly status of this flight is an extra crew, the crew who flew as a passenger and will work for other tasks. They met near the entrance of the business class. For economy class passengers, Munir would actually be closer to his seat when entering through the back door. Starting a conversation with Polly, Munir ended up in business class seats, numbers 3K. The chair is the seat 3K Polly, while owned by Munir is 40G. Polly then climbed into the cockpit on the second floor to shake hands and chat with the cockpit crew on duty. As the plane back and ready to take off, Polly invited by the purser Brahmanie to sit in premium because a lot of empty seats at the most expensive group. Purser is the leader in charge of cabin comfort of all passengers, including the removal of their seats. Men in uniform pilot shirt and blue pants white dongker it was sitting in 11B.
There are two stories about Munir's move to business class, that is according to the story Brahmanie and Polly. In the trial of PN (District Court) in Central Jakarta, Brahmanie testified, "We're in front of the toilet business, I ran into you Polly. Then, Mr. Polly, holding boarding passes green color, asked in the Java language, 'Ma'am, number 40G Endi win? Ma'am, I ijolan kancaku karo, '(Ma'am, where the number 40G? Ma'am, I swapped places with my friends.) Without mentioning the name of his friend. Because his name is not mentioned, I would like to know who your friend Polly. Then, I visited a number 3K, and it turns out that sitting in there brother Munir, who then my salami. Sister Polly did not sit on the 40G, but in the premium class number 11B at the instigation of me because a lot of empty seats. "Meanwhile, in an interview at the Correctional Institution (LP) Cipinang, Polly recalled," I met Munir at the door of a Garuda Indonesia, at the Jakarta airport. He asked at the door of the business, 'The seat is where?' I said, 'Gee Dad is in the economy, just a seat which I did not know.' Then, it's line up, there are plenty of other passengers going in, I'll let go first . I am a better crew relented, yet equally on a plane, no way left. After that, because I want to go into business space, the desire to move into the plane, I told Munir, 'I'm sitting in the business, if you want to be here, yes you ask the same old leadership of the cabin, if allowed so please, if not yes 're sorry. 'Languages ​​I like it. Already, that's all. "Before the plane took off, in business class, Yeti Susmiarti presents welcome drink. Passengers are asked to take a glass of champagne, orange juice, or apple juice. Munir orange juice. Finished beverage opener, senior flight attendants that distributing sauna towel (hot towels), which is used to wipe hands, then gave newspapers to passengers who want to read it. All services are presented with the Yeti itself, with the help Oedi Irianto, the senior steward, who prepared his needs in the pantry. At 22:02 am Captain Pilot-controlled aircraft Sabur Muhammad Taufik took off. To measure the time of takeoff and landing properly, the airline industry uses the term block block off and on. Block off the time that indicates when the wheel chock off the plane at the airport and the plane began to move to fly. Block is used as a marker on the aircraft arrival time at the destination airport, when the aircraft wheel chock installed.
About 15 minutes after takeoff, the flight attendant offers several choices of food in containers that are still hot on the tray. In seat 3K, Munir fried noodles. Finished noodles, Yeti back to offer drinks, this time more options than welcome drink. The options are alcoholic beverages (whiskey, gin, vodka, red wine, white wine, and beer), soft drinks, apple juice and orange juice Buavita, tomato juice Berry, Ultra white milk, Aqua mineral water, tea and coffee. Munir again chose orange juice. Once across the sky islands of Java, Sumatra, and the sea around it for 1 hour 38 minutes, the aircraft GA 974 landed at Changi Airport, Singapore at 00:40 local time. Singapore time zone one hour earlier than GMT. Cabin crew to give passengers time for a walk or any activity at Changi Airport for 45 minutes.
Because out of the door business, Munir was more quickly achieved than if the Coffee Bean economy out of the door. After stopping at the tavern, he returned to the plane through gate D 42. On the way to the door of Garuda, he was greeted by a man. "You Mr. Munir, huh?" "Yes, sir." "I'm dr. Tarmizi We Hope Hospital. Mr. Munir doing to the Netherlands? "" I want to learn, want nge-charge one year. "" Where? "" Utrecht. "" Well, Indonesia lost, dong. You're an important person? "Commented dr. Tarmizi. "Yes ... it is necessary to me, sir," said Munir, smiling. "You do not you ever write about Aceh. How the heck, can not wrong is that? "Asked the doctor again, while both are running. "Ah, it depends on intent, Doc. '" Means? "" If the intention clear, three months is also wrong. "Later, West Sumatra-born doctor was out of his wallet and gave Munir his business card and said," Sometime, when necessary, please contact me. "Munir receive business cards dr. Tarmizi Judge, then they split. The doctor came into the business class, Munir toward the rear of the plane and sat in economy class seat 40G, as stated in his boarding pass. Because Polly only to Singapore, Munir returned to their original seats for flights between Singapore and Amsterdam. The total transit time in Changi (between block on and block off) is 1 hour 13 minutes, the amount of time used for refueling aircraft, replacement of the entire cockpit and cabin crew, as well as additional passengers from Singapore.
The plane took off from Changi at 01:53 local time. Flight to Schipol is led by Captain Pantun Matondang, the purser Madjib Nasution as a passenger service charge. Before the plane taking off, flight attendants Tia readiness check passengers for takeoff. While doing his duty, he was called by Munir Promag requesting medication. Detailed flight attendant named Tia Goddess Ambara asked Munir to wait a while because the plane will take off and the entire crew cabin to sit in their respective places. Approximately 15 minutes later, after the aircraft at an altitude safe, Tia began distributing blankets and earphones, followed by a bedtime meal. When Tia got 40G, boy gray shirt and black jeans were sleeping. Tia woke him and asked, "What you have to drugs from my friends?" "Not yet." "Sorry, we do not have a cure." Tia then offered food, which was rejected by Munir. However, this man asked for hot tea. Tia was serving hot tea is poured from a pitcher into a glass on the trolley. Munir received a helping drink it, complete with a sachet of sugar. When Tia went on to serve other passengers, Munir passed in the hall to the toilet. This is the first time Munir went to the toilet, about 30 minutes after takeoff.
Three hours was a big plane was flying and the sky was in India when Munir increasingly frequent trips to the toilet. When walking in the aisle cabin lit only by a reading lamp, she ran into Bondan Hernawa steward. He complained of abdominal pain and vomiting to Bondan, and asked him to call a dr. Tarmizi sitting in business class. Munir also gave him the name of the doctor's card. According to the procedure for this type of situation, Bondan was reported to the purser Madjib Nasution, who was in Purser Station. "Bang, this is Mr. Munir passengers we are sick. What a waste of water, vomiting. Here is his friend, a doctor, but I do not know where to sit. Can you check the seats, "he said, handing him a business card Bondan dr. Tarmizi. Madjib looking for passengers in the name of dr. Judge Tarmizi in Passenger Manifest and found him in seat 1J. He had not moved, Munir was in front of the Purser Station. While holding his stomach, Munir said, "I have been a waste of water, use vomiting as well. Maybe my ulcer recurrence. It should not drink grapefruit earlier time from Jakarta to Singapore. "Munir went on his way to the toilet. Bondan Madjib and then went and found 1J dr. Tarmizi was sleeping in the 1K, the chair next to his right who, because of the window and he found empty, and then she sat. "Doctor, doctor ...," Madjib trying to wake. Both were repeated several times in a louder voice, but it remains the surgeon sleep undisturbed. Munir Madjib meet again in the hallway and asked him to wake dr. Tarmizi itself, while Bondan went to the pantry to perform scheduling tasks. Finally, dr. Tarmizi wake. Munir describes her condition at that time looked very weak by saying, "I've vomited and defecated six times since the flight from Singapore." Dr. Tarmizi propose to Madjib Munir moved to a seat to the number 4 because the place was empty and close to him. Munir was sitting in seat 4D. Dr. Tarmizi take a position on his left side. "Mr. Munir eat anything the last two days," asked the cardiovascular thoracic surgeon's. Munir was silent, perhaps due to stomach pain. The question was greeted by Madjib, "Mr. Munir had had to drink orange juice, but not strong Munir orange drink because I have an ulcer." Munir remained silent, did not comment. "If the ulcer does not like this," said the doctor, who then asked Munir, "You eat what?" "It was okay. '" Yesterday "" It was okay. "" The day before?' "It was okay." The doctor did the general examinations with undressing patients. He then found the pulse at the wrist Munir weak. Doctors argue Munir showed lack of fluid from diarrhea and vomiting symptoms.
Munir returned again to the toilet, followed by doctors, stewards, and stewardesses. After vomiting and diarrhea, she returned to the seat 4D, while continuing to severe coughing. Dr. Tarmizi asked an attendant to fetch Doctor's Emergency Kit that each aircraft. The box was sealed in a state. After seeing it, he believes the drugs available are minimal, especially for the needs of Munir. Dr. Tarmizi require infusion, but no. There is no specific cure for heartburn stomach pain, vomiting drugs are also common. The doctor took his own medicine from his bag. He gave Munir New Diatabs diarrhea medication and drugs for nausea and bloating sore Zantacts and Promag. Two tablets to the first and each one tablet for the last two. Dr. Tarmizi then asked a flight attendant make tea sweetened with a little extra salt in it. However, five minutes after drinking warm tea, Munir returned to the toilet. Munir was completed after five minutes and opened the door. Dr. Tarmizi then led Munir walked down the aisle as he commented to the purser Madjib, "Why are not there yet infusion journey so far?" In the box there is a fluid plane Primperam drug, drug-nausea and vomiting, which is then injected dr. Tarmizi into Munir's body a number of 5 ml (dose of 1 ampoule). Injection in the left shoulder is quite influential because Munir went to sleep. Anguish subsides for 2-3 hours.
Munir got up and went back into the toilet. He's been in it long enough, about 10 minutes, and the door was not closed properly. Madjib ventured to look through the gaps that exist and knocked on the door, but no response from the people who are suffering in there. Madjib opened the door wider and saw a man 38 years was slumped on the toilet wall. Madjib Purser immediately call a doctor who for the last half hour at least know the condition of the passengers. Dr. Tarmizi invite Madjib and steward Asep Rohman Munir returned to the chair lift 4D. Once seated in a chair, Munir undergo examination by dr. Tarmizi, in the dark cabin lit only by a reading lamp. Darkness is a state that they could not cope because that flight rules. The first wrist and stomach. When her stomach tapped by the doctor, Munir complained, "Oh, sick," while holding the upper abdomen. Madjib Istighfar advised him to her, was greeted by calling Munir, "Astaghfirullah Haladzim, La Illaha Illa llah," while still holding his stomach. Stewardess Murwati point near where the initiative to give balm ointment, acts which he hoped could help ease the suffering passengers. The approval of dr. Tarmizi, Munir belly rub point with a balm that can provide a sense of warmth. Munir said he wanted a break because of fatigue. Dr. Tarmizi opened the box and take the medicine again injecting drug Diazepam. This time, doctors inject 5 mg in the right shoulder, also with the help of the purser Madjib. The distance between the two injections about 4-5 hours. After injecting the sedatives, Munir still feel the heartburn in the stomach. Fifteen minutes passed and Munir to the toilet again, accompanied by a doctor, the purser, and flight attendants. In it, Munir vomiting, followed by waste water. Back to my seat, Munir said he wanted to sleep on their backs. Purser and his men spread out a blanket as a mat on the floor of the front seat 4D-E and a pillow on it. He was lying there, with two blankets again placed on the body for warmth. Dr. Tarmizi said to the crew cabin so that Munir was guarded, and that he wanted a break because of work tomorrow (he'll perform heart surgery in a hospital in Swole), while'm awakened when anything happens with Munir. Also, he asked that they ensure that tomorrow's doctors from Amsterdam into a plane carrying an IV. Afterward, the doctor returned to the chair at 1K and sleep. Munir back to sleep, but often change positions, and it's always tilted position, never on his back or stomach. Madjib kept faithful guard Munir until about 3 hours before the plane landed at Schiphol Airport, while the cabin crew to prepare breakfast penumpang.Madjib walk into the seat dr. Tarmizi and asks whether it is necessary to wake him for breakfast Munir, who answered with the suggestion to let the rest remain Munir. Madjib also perform routine duties overseeing the aircraft environment.
About two hours before the plane landed, at 05:10 GMT or 12:10 am, when breakfast is still ongoing and the cabin lights were on, Madjib back foot visiting the "bed" Munir. In the front seat 4D-E, he saw the body of Munir on his side facing seat, his mouth drooling is not frothy, and the palms of her hands turned blue. He took her hand and found the cold Munir. Madjib which surprised the doctor rushed to the chair. Doctor holding Munir wrist with his other hand while patting your back. He repeatedly said, "Mr. Munir Munir ... ...." Finally, looking at the purser Madjib, dr. Tarmizi said quietly, "Purser, Mr. Munir died ... How come this fast, yes .... If only diarrhea and vomiting, humans can stand three days. "Purser Madjib ask Bondan and Asep Munir helped lift the rigid body into a better place: the front seat floor 4j-K. Munir was lying on top of two pieces of blanket, his eyes dipejamkan by Bondan, covered in blankets.
Bondan and Asep Yassin read the letter in front of the body of Munir Said Thalib, forty thousand feet above the ground Romania.
On 12 November 2004 issued by the news that the Dutch police (Netherlands Forensic Institute) found traces of arsenic compounds after the autopsy. This is also confirmed by the Indonesian police. Not yet known who had poisoned Munir, although there who suspect that certain elements do want to get rid of it.
On December 20, 2005 Pollycarpus Budihari Priyanto sentenced 14 years imprisonment for the murder of Munir. The judge stated that Pollycarpus, a Garuda pilot who was on leave, put arsenic in Munir's food, because he wanted to silence government critics. Judge Cicut Sutiarso said that before the murder Pollycarpus received several phone calls from a phone that is registered by a senior intelligence agent, but does not elaborate further. Besides President Susilo also establish an independent investigative team, but the results of the investigation team was never issued to the public.
On June 19, 2008, Maj. Gen. (ret) Muchdi Pr, which also happened to someone close to Prabowo Subianto and Vice Chairman of Gerindra, was arrested with a strong suspicion that he was brain Munir . A variety of evidence and testimony leads to him. However, on December 31, 2008, Muchdi acquitted. This highly controversial verdict and the case is being reviewed, and three judges who sentenced him is now free to be examined .

The documentary

To commemorate the departure of one year Munir, released documentary by Aditya Bhre Ratrikala titled Flowers Burned in Goethe-Institut, Central Jakarta, 8 September 2005. This film tells the journey of life Munir as a husband, father, and friend. Munir figure depicted playful and very loving wife and two children. Childhood Munir who like to fight like the other children and never become a champion classes are also shown. Munir was killed in an era of democracy and openness, and hope for the presence of an Indonesia that he aspired began to flourish. To express this spirit through this film.
A documentary film has also been created, called Garuda's Deadly Upgrade result of cooperation between the Dateline (SBS TV Australia) and Off Stream Productions.
On the second anniversary, 7 September 2006, at Proclamation Monument released a documentary film titled "His Strory". This film tells the story of the trial process Pollycarpus and the facts revealed in court.


Since 2005, the date of the death of Munir 7 September, by human rights activists was declared as the Day of Defenders of Human Rights Indonesia.


Birth: Malang, December 8, 1965
Occupation: Executive Director of the Indonesia Human Rights Monitoring Institute Imparsial
Education: S1 FH UB (UB) (1990)

The most important career

Executive Director of the Indonesia Human Rights Monitoring Institute Imparsial
Chairman of the Board CONTRAST (2001)
Coordinator of the Working Committee CONTRAST (16 April 1998-2001)
Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees YLBHI (1998)
Deputy Head of Operations YLBHI (1997)
Secretary YLBHI Field Operations (1996)
Director of LBH Semarang (1996)
Head of Operational LBH Surabaya (1993-1995)
Homicide Coordinator Civil and Political Rights Division LBH Surabaya (1992-1993)
Chairman of LBH Surabaya Pos Malaysia
Volunteers LBH Surabaya (1989)


Secretary BPM FH UB (1988)
UB Student Senate Chairman FH (1989)
Members of HMI
Al Ershad Secretary of Malang Regency (1988)
Division of Legal Committee of Solidarity for Marsinah
Fact Finding Team Sekretarsi Indonesia Forum of Peace.

The most important award

Right Livelihood Award 2000, Award devotion advances the field of human rights and civilian control over the military (Sweden, December 8, 2000)
Mandanjeet Singh Prize, UNESCO, for their work promoting Tolerance and Anti-Violence (2000)
One of Young Political Leaders of Asia in the New Millennium (Asiaweek magazine, October 1999)
Man of The Year magazine Ummat (1998).
Suardi Tasrif Awards, from the Alliance of Independent Journalists (1998), on behalf of Contrast
Awards soldiers, from the Organization of Street Artists and Pengamen Jakarta (1998)
Yap Thiam Hien Award (1998)
One of Indonesia hundred figures of the twentieth century, Justice Forum magazine.

Important cases ever handled

Legal Counsel and member of the Case Investigation Team Fernando Araujo, et al, in Denpasar accused of plotting a rebellion against the government secretly to separate East Timor from Indonesia; 1992
Case Legal Counsel Antonio Jose De Jesus Das Neves (Samalarua) in Malang, with accusations against the government to separate East Timor from Indonesia; 1994
Case Legal Counsel Marsinah and the workers of PT. CPS against KODAM V UB for acts of violence and murder Marsinah, labor activists; 1994
Counsel Nipah society, Madura, in the case of military demand accountability for the killing of three farmers Nipah Madura, East Java; 1993
Sri Bintang Pamungkas Legal Counsel (Chairman PUDI) in the case of subversion and lawsuits Administrative Court (Administrative Court) for the dismissal as a lecturer, Jakarta; 1997
Muchtar Pakpahan Legal Counsel (Chairman of the SBSI) in the case of subversion, Jakarta; 1997
Legal Counsel Dita Indah Sari, Coen Husein Pontoh, Sholeh (PPBI Chairman and members of the PRD) in the case of subversion, Surabaya; 1996
Counsel students and farmers in Pasuruan in the case of labor PT. Chief Samsung; 1995
Legal Counsel for the 22 employees of PT. Maspion in the case of a strike in Sidoarjo, East Java; 1993
Legal Counsel DR. George Junus Aditjondro (Lecturer Satyawacana Christian University, Quezon City) in the case of contempt against the government, Yogyakarta, 1994
Muhadi legal counsel (a driver who was accused of shooting police officers during a clash between police and members of the TNI AU) in Madura, East Java; 1994
Legal Counsel in the case of the loss of 24 activists and university students in Jakarta; 1997-1998
Legal Counsel in the case of large-scale killings of civilians at Tanjung Priok 1984; since 1998
Legal Advisor of the shooting of students in Clover, Tragedy Semanggi I and II; 1998-1999
Member of Commission of Inquiry into Human Rights Violations in East Timor; 1999
The initiator of the Commission on Peace and Reconciliation in the Moluccas
Legal Advisor and Coordinator of Human Rights Advocates in cases in Aceh and Papua (along KontraS)

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