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Marco Simoncelli (born in Cattolica, Rimini, Italy, January 20, 1987 - died in Sepang, Malaysia, October 23, 2011 at age 24 years) is one of the MotoGP riders who came from Italy, and is quite famous for its racing character is quite fierce. Garangnya style is seen as the last series 2010 MotoGP season, when he almost made Jorge Lorenzo fell and failed to win in the series last season.
Simoncelli started his career in the world of professional motor racing, when he stepped on the age of 9 years in the event the Italian Championship minimoto. In 2001 he was off to the event and securing the European 125cc championship title in 2002.

In 2002 he then began his career in the MotoGP event. For three years he then competed in the 125cc class, but he was only able to achieve the best result was fifth in 2005. Rise to the 250cc class he became the only team Gilera rider is able to show the best results in this event. Which became world champion in 2008.
These results make the Honda Gresini team keen to recruit at the MotoGP event in 2010. He was able to show good results as a rookie racer. The best result that can be inscribed by the Italian rider, is the fourth position in the MotoGP Portugal 2010.


Simoncelli has died at the Sepang International Circuit on October 23, 2011 due to the accident at Malaysian GP 2011. Simoncelli was involved an accident with Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi in fourth while in the second round. Simoncelli fell while it is around the corner to the 11th Circuit Sepang and was hit by a motor Edwards. Edwards also fell but suffered only a broken shoulder bone, while Simoncelli lay still on the track shortly after the accident with his helmet apart from the incident. Meanwhile, Rossi was just slightly off balance and drove slowly to the pit stop. After the incident, the race was stopped and Simoncelli immediately taken to the medical center Sepang Circuit. At 16:56 local time, Simoncelli declared dead due to serious injuries he sustained. Then, in a press conference MotoGP race directors, chief medical officer, Michele Macchiagodena, stating that Simoncelli suffered "serious head trauma, neck and chest," and was given CPR treatment for 45 minutes before it finally died.
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