Mick Jagger -Vocalist The Rolling Stones

 Mick Jagger -Vocalist The Rolling Stones
Sir Michael Phillip "Mick" Jagger, or He is known as a rock singer, actor, songwriter, movie producer and entrepreneur. He is also famous as the frontman of British legendary rock group The Rolling Stones. Jagger's greatness can be said from zero, because the determination and persistence of hit songs and legendary. He admitted a lot to learn from Tina Turner and other great musicians. It is appropriate that her debut single titled Memo from Turner (November 1970). While the successful release of his solo career Jagger She's the Boss (25 February 1985), Primitive Cool (14 September 1987), Wandering Spirit (8 February 1993) and the Goddess in the Doorway (19 November 2001).

While his career in the film as evidenced by dozens of films starring. Among PERFORMANCE (1968), NED KELLY (1970), WINGS OF ASH (1978), Running OUT OF LUCK (1987), FREEJACK (1992), Bent (1997), THE MAN FROM Elysian Fields (2001) and MAYOR OF THE SUNSET STRIP (2003). If you read the biography of Mick Jagger English version, you'll find that the lead singer of The Rolling Stones are at least four people had contact with women who gave seven different breeds. No wonder if Jerry Hall, one woman who was close to the rocker Jagger regard this as a sexual predator.

In a book that reveals life's journey Mick Jagger, Jerry Hall had said that Mick Jagger is a sexual predator. If Mick had previously addicted to drugs, later Mick was willing to leave the drugs for sex. It is also the reason why Jerry Hall Mick Jagger decided to leave. "Mick was not on tour and so he had plenty of time to spare. He so often go without me, "said Jerry Hall, who gave his four children for Mick Jagger. In the same news Splash News also mentions that Mick Jagger was never admitted that he had a relationship with another woman even though it was very intense media coverage.

Jagger and Angelina Jolie had become lovers around the year 1997. No one knew it because, according to the author, this information he can from a source very close to Angelina Jolie. In a book titled BRAD PITT AND Angelina Jolie: THE TRUE STORY Jenny mentions that the relationship was Angelina Jolie and Mick Jagger was started when Angelina became a model of the video clip entitled The Rolling Stones Anybody Seen My Baby? in the year 1997. In fact, according to Jenny not once only that Angelina had an affair with The Rolling Stones lead singer of this. In 2003 the two had engaged a special relationship again.

According to Splash News, Jenny Paul ensures that the source of the information can reasonably be trusted because of some source that he used no name Texas Terri, punk rocker best friend Angelina, and also a former lover of Angelina Jolie's mother unnamed. Not only the relationship between Angelina and Mick Jagger are revealed by Jenny Paul through this biography. That said, around 2004, Angelina Jolie also had Colin Farrell dating after they both played in the movie Alexander. True or not, there has been no response from either Angelina Jolie or Mick Jagger and Colin Farrell.

Johnny Depp never wanted to hold Mick Jagger to star in the movie PIRATES CARIBBEAN. This quirky actor will return to play Captain Jack Sparrow in this pirate movie for the fourth time. Previous film producers to cast one of the personnel of The Rolling Stone, Keith Richards to play Sparrow's father in the third film. And now they hope to bring this band frontman, Jagger.

A source told the Daily Express says: "Johnny is now working with Disney for a sequel. And he gives a lot of ideas. One of these fun ideas include Mic with Keith as a pirate older. He thought they would look perfect. "Depp had admitted that her makeup and style as the pirate Jack Sparrow inspired by the appearance of aging rocker, Keith Richards. Rocker has finally accepted the role as Jack's father in this blockbuster film in the third series.

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