Aburizal Bakrie Biography - Entrepreneur Indonesia

 Aburizal Bakrie was born in Jakarta, 15 November 1946, he was the eldest of the family Achmad Bakrie, Bakrie Group founder, and fondly called Ical. After completing courses at the Faculty of Electrical Bandung Institute of Technology in 1973, Ical choose a company developing a family focus, and the last before becoming a cabinet member, he led the Bakrie Group (1992-2004). During working in the corporate world, Ical is also active in the management a number of employers' organizations. Before deciding to abandon a career in the corporate world, he served as Chairman of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) for two periods (1994-2004).

In 2004, Ical decided to end a career in the corporate world, having won the trust as the Coordinating Minister for People's Welfare of the United Indonesia Cabinet 2004-2009 period. And since being elected Chairman of Golkar Party 2009-2010, devoted his time and energy to take care of the party.

As a businessman Indonesia Bakrie is also Golkar Party Chairman since October 9, 2009. He served the Coordinating Minister for People's Welfare in the United Indonesia Cabinet. Previously he also served as Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs in the same cabinet, but its position changed in the reshuffle that made President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono on December 5, 2005.

Ical been touted as the richest man in Southeast Asia. He spelled out the most brilliant entrepreneurs in the ten years of reform in Indonesia. In addition to get out of the economic crisis that threaten the company, Bakrie Group, it could occupy an important position in government.

Bakrie family had also been named by Forbes Asia magazine as the richest person in Indonesia in 2007. He did not dispute, but also did not respond to excess. What is the secret of this successful family business? NEWS scene was blowing in from Singapore. Lions of District's, Forbes Asia magazine issue of December 13, 2007 was launched. Its contents, as in previous years, displaying a list of those super-UNCLE HUSSAIN alias of Indonesia's richest. And who make a scene, champion for this year is the Bakrie, a businessman and politician who had sunk during the economic crisis a decade ago.

Many people gasped. How could Aburizal Ical-familiar call-that previously were in sixth place with a fortune of U.S. $ 1.2 billion, are now thrust into the top? The answer, according to Forbes research, lies in its ability to double the coffers of wealth.

Within a year, Bakrie family's wealth soared almost five-fold from a year earlier to U.S. $ 5.4 billion or approximately USD 50.2
trillion! Thanks to this achievement, tycoon Aburizal directly displacing the top five at once. Boss Raja Garuda Mas Group, Sukanto Tanoto, who last year was named the richest man, has dropped one place to the runner-up sequence.

Bakrie Group is fortunate indeed. According to an investment banker, this business group benefited from two blessings at once: the soaring commodity prices in world markets and global investors rush in the Asia-Pacific capital markets. That is why, in a number of stock exchange indices in the region flew an average of 27 percent so far this year. BursaIndonesia even expected to grow by 52 percent.

Bakrie family as owners of 40 percent of the Earth would go happy. Shares are now worth cash dikantonginya Rp 47 trillion. This means more than 90 percent of the total wealth is estimated at about Rp 50.2 trillion, Forbes derived from ownership of shares of mining companies. "This is evidence of growing confidence," said Aburizal in Jimbaran, Bali.

That's just from the stock of the Earth. These families still have other money in the stock mines Indonesia. PT's stock price rose 223 percent Bakrieland Development, PT Energi Mega Persada 190 percent, PT Bakrie Sumatra Plantations 126 percent, PT Bakrie & Brothers 96 percent, and PT Bakrie Telecom 75 percent. Generally, this family is the majority owner in these public companies.

Then what is the secret behind the triumph of the Bakrie Group? Some analysts and executives from the business group said the key lies in the expertise and time management sees opportunities in decision-making. According to Suryo Sulisto, Chairman of Earth Resources, is not separated from the rapid motion of the Bakrie Group hijack the highly skilled professionals, from within and outside the country, to occupy management positions terrace.

There is also another answer behind the rise business Bakrie. In the eyes of economists Dradjad Wibowo, Bakrie key to success is a combination of three things: luck, skill to read the market, and proximity to power steering. An investment banker adds one factor: luck. Bakrie shrewdness chance to steal business from competitors no doubt.

Bakrie family
Aburizal has three sisters as follows:
Odi Roosmania Bakrie, is married to Build Sarwito Kusmulyono
Usmansyah Indra Bakrie, is married to Gaby Djorgie
Generous Nirwan Bakrie, was married to Indira (Ike)

Tatty Murnitriati Aburizal married and has three children as follows:
Anindya Bakrie Novyan, married with Firdani Saugi
Anindhita Anestya Bakrie, is married to Taufan Nugroho
Anindra Ardiansyah Bakrie, is married to Nia Ramadhani

1992 - 2004 Commissioner / Chairman, Bakrie Group
1989 - 1992 Director of PT. Bakrie Nusantara Corporation
1988 - 1992 Director of PT Bakrie & Brothers
1982 - 1988 Vice President Director of PT. Bakrie & Brothers
1974 -1982 Director of PT. Bakrie & Brothers
1972 - 1974 Assistant to the Board of Directors. Bakrie & Brothers

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