Ariel Peterpan Biography

Nazril Irham or familiarly called by calls Ariel or Ariel was born in Pangkalan Brandan, Langkat, North Sumatra, 16 September 1981. He is an Indonesian singer who is a phenomenal vocalist of rock band Peterpan. Ariel is the youngest of three brothers from the Malays. Ariel is the lead singer of popular music group Peterpan. Ariel is also listed as a student majoring in Architecture, University of Parahyangan, Bandung. Ariel's father is a civil court in the oil company Pertamina. While his mother is a housewife. Because of his profession as a civil court, the father worked at the location of the move.

Living in the base Brandan several months, small Ariel and the family must move to Langsa, a town in NAD. Having lived there for seven years, the family then moved to Ariel Bandung. A city that already regarded Ariel as a "house" of his own. Since childhood, Ariel has shown great talent in art, but not in the field of singing. Artistic talent is evident from Ariel precisely in the field of drawing. He had won several races draw in London.

It's the hobby of drawing, Ariel sempet want to be an architect. But, in the middle of his life, he found a new hobby that interested him, which is playing music. From here Ariel later career. Ariel was married to Sarah Amalia, but is now divorced. With Sarah, she was blessed daughter named Alleia Anata. Ariel officially divorced by Sarah on May 27, 2008.

Since first grade junior high school, Ariel has been an intense band formed the band. Establishment of the first band named Peppermint. Unfortunately, the fate of ya band lasted only seven months. So, Ariel made the band again called Sliver, Cholesterol and Hats. Again, it all broke up in the middle of the road. However, the latter band quite a boon for his career. Some people who joined in the hat, including Ariel, agreed to form a new band. A band called Peterpan and lasted until
right now.

Together Peterpan, Ariel seeks to penetrate the top cafes in London. Peterpan an attractive appearance plus vocal character Ariel secretly attracted ex-Noey Java Jive basis that later became a producer-to put their songs in the album Story of 2002 Nights compilation. Perfect song contained in a compilation album was so successful for Peterpan capital to penetrate the recording industry. In 2003, Peter released the album The Park.

This album had burst. Admittedly, one factor that supports the best-selling album is the vocals of Ariel and its ability to process the lyrics. The lyrics are made admirer Kahlil Gibran is deep. Being able to touch the hearts of the listener base of his songs. Naturally, if the name of Ariel getting bounced. Enable it manifests its position as frontman of new idol. The climax, when the Star of Heaven album released in mid-2004. Ariel was really so worship music lovers Indonesia from Sabang to Merauke.

In the midst of the flood of popularity, Ariel sempet hampered problems. He is rumored to have impregnated his girlfriend, a girl named Sarah from Semarang Amalia. This rumor can not be circumvented by Ariel. Later, he was even willing to marry Lia to account for his actions. A marriage is kept secret from the media spotlight. Sempet married at a young age led many to doubt the sustainability of career and Ariel Peterpan. Doubt it'll obviously have to be answered by Ariel. The trick, especially if not continue to work with a vengeance. Continued to produce songs that are entertaining and can be enjoyed by listeners of music Indonesia. In addition to a career in the music world, Ariel is now the commercials. He became a Sunsilk ad model with model Amy Lee.

In addition, Ariel became a popular movie star in the film The Dreamer. Arai portrayed Ariel, a young man who never stops dreaming. In June 2010, Ariel scandal video footage contains scenes of sexual intercourse involving himself with Luna Maya and Cut Tari. The trial court Bandung, West Java eventually sentenced to Ariel for 3 years and 6 months, and a fine of Rp. 250 million. In such cases, Luna Maya and Cut Tari be witnesses.

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