Biography of Julian Assange - Wikileaks Founder

Julian Paul Assange or are more familiar with the name of Julian Assange was born on July 3, 1971 in Townsville, Queensland, Australia. He is the founder and chief editor and spokesperson for Wikileaks. Wikileaks itself is a site that publishes confidential documents and government institutions.

At the age of 11 to 16 years, Assange life on the run since his mother's relationship with a musician full of violence. At the age of 18, she had a child. He split with his wife in 1991, after police attacked and took their son. Until 1999, he sued for custody arrangements. Together with his mother, Assange form an activist group Parents of Inquiry on Child Protection. This group of activities centered on creating a data bank containing legal records relating to child custody issues in Australia.

In 1991, when Assange was 20 years old, he and some friends who worked as a hacker (computer scrambler) breaking and entering the terminal network of Nortel, the Canadian telecommunications company. As a result, he was caught and found guilty of 25 charges imposed on him. He must pay a fine of several thousand dollars to the government of Australia, but was released from prison.

Assange known to have studied at six universities. From 2003-2006, he studied physics and mathematics at the University of Melbourne. In addition, he also studied philosophy and neuroscience. In the 1990s, Assange worked as a designer of software programs that manage computer's security in Australia and overseas. In 1997, he helped create Rubberhose deniable encryption, a cryptographic system that is made to human rights workers to protect sensitive data in the field and he also became one of the key figures in the liberation movement of the software.

Swedish prosecutors dropped charges against Assange for rape, sexual harassment, and coercion were reported by two women. The charges were announced in August 2010, then canceled and then renewed. On 24 November 2010, the Swedish court rejected an appeal attempt Assange detention order imposed on him. This case was handled by the Supreme Court.

Julian Assange and WikiLeaks

In 2006, Assange decided to set up WikiLeaks. This was done because he believed that the exchange of information will end the illegitimate government. The site has a main server in Sweden and publishes a variety of materials from various sources. Sometimes, he and several colleagues at WikiLeaks infiltrated the security system to locate documents and then publish it. WikiLeaks Assange not pay, but he has a lot of investments are not expressed .Now international police work together to hunt down Assange to account for his actions in the leakage of confidential information of the state.

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