Bruce Lee Biography

Bruce Lee is a famous actor from China are known for action movies with a background of expertise in the martial arts of Kung Fu. He migrated to America in 1959 and plunged the world of film. Earlier in Hong Kong as much as he had starred in 20 films. Besides being an actor, he has also been in the world of martial arts especially Kung fu and teach it to Americans. Bruce Lee is considered violated Chinese custom for teaching Kung Fu to the Americans.

Bruce Lee became a legend not only because of his martial arts skills, but also because of the ability actingnya on the big screen. Lee Teach that man can have a tremendous strength (half god) with the correct combination of exercise, diet, and weight training. He did not look muscular like Arnold Schwarzenegger. He was also not long since he died at the age of 32 years. His death until now is still a mystery. Autopsy says he was exposed to the brain caused by endema strange reactions in the body after consuming pain medications Equagesic. But in a subsequent autopsy also found marijuana in the body content of Bruce Lee.

Until he died only starred in three films in America. Film-filmya also with poor image quality, a simple scenario, and is considered by critics as an inferior film. So what made Bruce Lee a legend? The specialty film Bruce Lee is the beauty of martial arts and dance of violence that flows without any special effects aka natural. Hollywood movie scene with the help of cutting-edge effects were not able to make a violent film to be beautiful like Bruce Lee.

Lee spent much time to cultivate his tiny body into a great weapon. Since childhood, had been obsessed with martial arts and body building. As a child he became a member of the gang that his parents were very worried and immediately sent to the U.S. before the age of 18. In America he teaches martial arts he had studied Wing Chun in Hong Kong. Kung fu at America's largest tournament in Long Beach he won the black belt.

Lee later became an actor as Kato in The Green Hornet (superhero drama on TV). He also continues to perform strenuous exercise, take vitamins, ginseng to form the body. Although a popular actor throughout Asia, but Hollywood never gave her the opportunity to make a film. Bruce Lee then returned to Honggkong and make a film in his homeland. Bruce Lee's movies are very popular in Asia until finally glanced at it to make a Hollywood action movie as you wish Bruce Lee. But before the first film (enter the dragon) was released, he he died under mysterious circumstances. After the release, the film Bruce Lee exploded to make money more than 200 million dollars.

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