Kurt Cobain Biography

Alternative rock fans certainly no stranger to the name of Kurt Cobain. Moreover, they are a big fan of Nirvana, for talking music group from the United States today, from the name of Kurt Cobain. Kurt Cobain is a legendary figure, phenomenal and controversial. He had a talent in music since childhood, all the Nirvana songs and arrangements are the result of his creation. Kurt showed he is a musician and a true artist. Nirvana and Kurt became a symbol of rebellion, the simplicity of appearance and idealistic musicians. Kurt Cobain never imagined that the idealism of flow, style, lyrics and content of the songs Kurt shook the world to feel depressed because of his fame and popularity so suddenly especially ,year until the 1990s that ended tragically with his death still a mystery to this day.

Kurt Cobain Biography

Kurt Donald Cobain
Date of birth
February 20, 1967
Place of birth
Washington Grays Harbor Community
Donald and Wendy Cobain
Music group
Vocals, guitar, songwriter, aranger
8 April 1994
Nirvana Albums
Bleach, Nevermind, Incesticide, In Utero, Unplugged, From The Muddy Banks Of The Wishkah

Kurt was born from a small broken home, especially when his parents divorced when he was 8 years old. Kurt became moody, and often alone. He wrote on the wall of his room "I hate mom", I hate Dad ", Dad hates mom, mom dad hate, it simply makes you want to be sad. Since then, Kurt did not feel at home and often wander.

Honed his musical talent since childhood. In 1975 a small kurt never participated drum lessons and is rarely home. When the 14 th birthday he bought a guitar by his uncle. It keeps on playing guitar day and night. He was very eloquent play the song Stairway Led Zappelin property, another one bites to dust's queen. Seeing Kurt avid guitar playing is very worried until his mother told him to stop playing the guitar but never ignored the advice of her mother. Kurt madness with music to make it out of school and was expelled from his mother's house. Kurt continues to hang out every night, join the music community, up to sleep under bridges, starving to find food by fishing in the river. One day Kurt told this pain with popular song Something In The Way.

Kurt has a quiet nature, difficult to communicate, to have properties close down so he's hard to find a partner band. He has found a partner after meeting Cris Novoselic. Together Cris he sought another partner and eventually met Dave Grohl. All three teens were then formed the band Nirvana. The three of them are idealistic musician who ignored the flow of music, making grip lyrics, or musical arrangement. They flow like the word conscience. His songs were very much about rebellion, social rebellion, and pain of life.

Nirvana continues soared like a meteor in the international music world after publishing their first album titled "Bleach", even Nevermind album was awarded double platinum. Kurt and Nirvana eventually continue around big cities in America and Europe for album promotion. Greeting the audience in the world beyond belief. Nirvana and Kurt become a new idol young people in Europe and America, concert schedule, making video clips and all the busy life as a superstar makes Kurt even depression. He wants to live fairly, freely without any pressure, but the opposite happened. They chased fans, concert schedules, promotional schedules, making a video clip as the business demands of record companies. Albums Nirvana exploded across the world. Style of dress, the way music, their music flow in contek abis by teenagers in America and Europe. Kurt finally addicted to heroin which was originally used to hold the pain of chronic gastritis and sciolisis illness he suffered for a long time. Kurt repeatedly entered drug rehabilitation programs.

Peak depression occurs when Kurt Cobain passed out when a concert in Munich Germany on March 1, 1994. Since leaving the hospital on March 8, 1994 Kurt often attempted suicide until his wife asked the police to watch her. April 1, 1994 Kurt re-signed in drug rehab. He then fled from that place April 2, 1994. The police finally intervened for the presence of Kurt, a new on 8 April 1994 an electrician found Kurt in his garage with state of the dead.

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