Lakshmi Mittal Biography - Richest People in Asia

Lakshmi Narayan Mittal or commonly known as Lakshmi Niwas Mittal was born June 15, 1950 was an Entrepreneur in the World's Largest Steel, who has a fortune worth 32 billion USD, or about 288 trillion rupiah, which occupied his palatial house in London worth Rp. 1 Trillion dollars, next door to the richest people in the world such as the Sultan Hasanal Bolkiah of Brunei and King Fahd of Saudi Arabia Al. Lakshmi Mittal is the richest man is alone in London as well as in Asia, beating Sri wealth of the Queen of England, the leader of a country that once colonized country Mittal is India. And Remarkably Again, Mittal started his business empire from a region in which a cross Waru Sidoarjo Surabaya, Indonesia.

Born from a poor family in Sidalpur, Churu, Rajasthan India. As a child, he and his family lived in a house occupied by 20 people. They just sleep on the floor, which is sometimes paved with rattan. To cook, they make a pile of bricks from the fireplace behind the house built by his grandfather. Lakshmi Mittal is itself a child of the family of Mohan. Father Mohan Mittal Lakshmi gives a name prefix in front of her children's name, which means God of Wealth. Mohan is the parents of the importance of education for her children, she realized that education is the provision for children's success. To that end, Mohan resistant hard work, courage to take his family migrated from their birthplace in west India, east to India, so that children can take a better education in this eastern region of India.

Mohan, the father started the business in the fields of steel, by making a small factory. Mittal and going to school, helping his father in the workshop of steel. Mittal inherited his father's spirit of hard work and it also includes a smart and conscientious. And going to school and work to help his father in his father's steel mill, Mittal think about how to develop it into a larger factory. However, another said the environmental conditions. Conditions of the country's high taxes, nearly 97% and the quota restrictions, forcing Mittal to think to find other alternatives.

After completing his education and family with a son who was only 1 year, Mittal saw an opportunity to develop new and great opportunity in the country of Indonesia. He then decided to wander out of India to Indonesia. Courage his father migrated from west to east India, making
Mittal is much more willing to wander out of the country.

By bringing his wife and son who was only 1 year, Mittal migrate to Surabaya, Sidoarjo Waru precisely. In our country, he only has a brother, the sister who first came to Indonesia has been married to Indonesian citizens of India are self-employed in the field of Textiles. With all the limitations of language, Mittal Nur Saidah recruit local people to help him establish a business. Mittal was still not able to speak Indonesian and English was not perfect. He founded a small steelworks in Waru, Sidoarjo, Surabaya border (roughly, why. Areas of the factory is a remote area, where many people refer to it as "the area where the kids throw jin".

He went on to become successful by buying steel mills are losing money and turning them into factories that work. He is thought to have a wealth of U.S. $ 25 billion (March 2005). He is the richest person in Britain according to the Sunday Times Rich List 2005. He holds steel assets in South Africa, Poland, Indonesia, and Kazakhstan. In 2002 he called a political scandal Garbagegate with Prime Minister Tony Blair as Britain felt Mittal donation to the Labour Party (amounting to £ 2 million or around Rp. 35 billion) has led Blair to make decisions that benefit Mittai in a business transaction. He is the richest man in Asia thanks to the hard work and perseverance.

He bought the most expensive home in history, the Kensington Mansion, worth U.S. $ 128Juta (1.3 trillion dollars) He also married his daughter, Vanisha, with a lavish wedding at 20th century. Supposedly for the party, he spent U.S. $ 50 million (500 billion).

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