Nick Vujicic Biography - Proof of God is the Justice

This time the author would like to share inspiring biography that describes about the justice of Almighty God for His people, see the following figure. Nick Vujicic was born in a hospital in the city of Melbourne on December 4, 1982. Her parents were very surprised to see the state of their son who was born without two arms and two legs. According to doctors who hendle, Nick Tetra-amelia disease is very rare. These conditions make cash Nick's father (a religious leader and a computer programmer) and Nick's mother (a nurse) to wonder to myself, what a big mistake they had done until her son was born without limbs.

Not infrequently, they blame themselves for the state of Nick. However, this does not last long. Nick's father and mother saw her son, though flawed, it is still growing strong, healthy, and cheerful - just as other children. And, little Nick looks so handsome and adorable! His eyes were very beautiful and charming. So, they began to accept the state of his son, grateful for its existence, and soon taught him to live independently. Nick has a small foot near her left hip. The father led her to stand, balance the body, and swimming since Nick was 18 months old. Then, with diligent and patient, since the age of 6 years, Nick learned to use her toes to write, pick up the goods, and typing. Now, Nick mentioned that her feet were worth it as "my chicken drumstick."

In order to live more independent, stronger mentally, and gets along with flexible, Nick's mother put her son to a regular school. Soon, he realized that the situation is very different from other children. He also has a variety of rejection, ridicule, and bullying from his schoolmates. This made him feel so sad and desperate. At the age of 8 years, Nick had thought to end his life. However, the love and support of parents, as well as the entertainment of his friends, Nick is able to get rid of these thoughts. He became more thoughtful and courageous in life.

One morning, at age 12, Nick had an unforgettable experience. When I woke up and opened his eyes, he suddenly realized how lucky he was. He is healthy, and have family and friends who loved her. He also lived in an affluent family.
A year later, when reading the newspapers, Nick and his mother found an article that is

stirs his soul. The article, about a disabled man who can do great things, including helping people. "At that moment, I realized that God did create us to be useful to others. I decided to be grateful, not angry, the situation yourself! I also hope someday to be like him-that's incredible to help and inspire many people! " Thus said Nick, in an interview.

To achieve his dream, Nick studied hard. A diluted brain, helping to achieve a degree in Economics in Accounting and Financial Planning at the age of 21 years. Soon after, he developed a non-profit institutions' Life Without Limbs "(Life Without Body Members), which he founded, at the age of 17 years, to help work in the field of motivation. Now, Nick Vujicic is a motivator / international speakers Bright and Morning. He has traveled to over 24 countries on four continents (including Indonesia), to motivate over 2 million people-especially young people. Many times, he was interviewed by a television station with an international reach, such as ABC (on March 28, 2008). Its products are well-known motivational DVD "Life's Greater Purpose", "No Arms, No Legs, No Worries" and film "The Butterfly Circus."

Nick probably figure we can make it as inspiration, with the limitations of self from birth a lot of success dah thing he could do to enlighten the thousands of people who gave him the motivation. Did not we moved to do more because God created us as possible. If we can not understand the meaning of giving and the gift of God the Creator of Nature, we may be prejudiced at his terlahirkedunia why how there are no perfect human beings should, if God is not fair. If we have faith in Him we will keep putting the Lord is the Justice, Substance of the most adil.Semua any case can not happen without the knowledge and the will of God. Understand what God is best for his people, so what do we have any condition that is best for us today.

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