Zachary Taylor (President of the United States to 12)

Zachary Taylor was born in Barboursville, Virginia, 24 November 1784 - died in Washington, DC, July 9, 1850 at the age of 65 years. is the American military leadership and the President of the United States to-12, with initial term of one year from the year 1849 until his death in 1850.

Before becoming president he was an American military leader. It stems from the Whig party and was accompanied by Millard Fillmore as vice president. Before he could be formally sworn in, he had died and was succeeded by his vice president. Zachary Taylor was born on 24 November 1784. He is president of the United States first came from a career Army officer. For 40 years he served in the Army, rising to the rank of General of the position. He has fought in four wars. Taylor became famous all over the United States because of its military victories, one of which is the war against Mexico.

In 1848, he was nominated to be president. He won the presidential election in the New York area. It is considered special, because at that upstate New York was divided. Zachary Taylor won the presidential election of 1848. Taylor poitik inexperience immediately apparent, especially when he delayed to make changes in his cabinet, but the name of the cabinet was contaminated due to the involvement of several members in corrupt practices. Even so he always tried to be honest and take the best course of action for his country. This effort is clearly visible in the way he handles the issue of slavery that split the country into seeds. The issue of slavery did not handle the heavy side, the people south of the pro-slavery, he assures them not to be afraid of being attacked by the regions where slavery is still valid, but he warned them that he would use violence if they openly rebelled.

In a conference with southern leaders who threatened to walk out of the United States, he insisted to them that if necessary to enforce the law, then he will personally lead the army. He said he would hang anyone who rebelled against the United States, and he did not hesitate. Unexpectedly, on July 4, 1850, in an Independence Day ceremony on the field warning the United States Washington (Washington Memorial Park), Washington DC, Taylor fell ill, and died five days later on July 9, 1980 President Zachary Taylor has been fighting spirit compromise and victory. However, the civil war in America who avoided breaking eleven years later. Ironically, in the civil war, the only son, Richard Taylor, served as general for the southern states are rebelling

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