Arthur Conan Doyle Biography

Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle (born May 22, 1859 - died July 7, 1930 at age 71 years) is the author of the famous British fiction. One of the most famous essay is a series of adventures of Sherlock Holmes, an eccentric detective fiction.

Doyle was born in 1859. He received his medical degree from Edinburgh University and began a practice in Southsea, England in 1882. He authored numerous stories, two of which were never published.

In 1886, he created the character Sherlock Holmes inspired from Dr. Joseph Bell, one of his teachers. The first story, entitled A Study in Scarlet (Indonesian: Red Yarn search) was well received by the public. However, fame is the new leader began in 1891 when he wrote the Sherlock Holmes series of adventure with his faithful friend, Dr. Watson, in the form of a compilation of short stories. He died in 1930 due to illness.

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