The Biography of John Boyn Dunlop

John Boyn Dunlop

John Boyn Dunlop was born into a peasant family in Dreghom, North Ayrshire Scotland on February 5, 1840. He is the inventor of the wind conveyor. As a child he lived in his hometown. Dunlop Young finished his studies and obtained a veterinarian at the Dick Vet, University of Edinburgh in Scotland. After completing school, Dunlop's first practice as a veterinarian in Edinburgh, Scotland, and then in Belfast, Ireland. In his youth, John is known as a hard worker. Even at the age of 19 years he has worked to help the economy of his parents who work as farmers. In 1871 John married Margaret Stevenson and had three sons.

The origin of the creation of a pneumatic tire is driven when John first designed the bicycle wheel to his son that was deliberately designed to reduce shocks when riding a bicycle on a rough road that causes headaches. John tried hard to answer complaints of children who feel less comfortable with his tricycle. In 1887, John Boyd Dunlop successfully designed and developed the first pneumatic tire for his son's tricycle.

Most of the literature states, the first air-pressure rubber tires made by John Boyd Dunlop rubber tires are designed to fill the air as a motor vehicle commonly used today. Modification sewn inside the tire in the tire out and glued to the edges. John also do tire repairs tricycle and a solid rubber tube wrapped with a pumped with air. Tire is then mounted on the rear wheel bike with linen tape attached to the tire tread.

An Irish industrialist William Harvey du Cros interested in the discovery of John Dunlop tires. Harvey interested after seeing a cyclist to win the race in Belfast with a bicycle wheel

artificial pneumatic John. Harvey then gave it to John for the capital market's findings. Later John with William Dunlop Rubber Company building, a tire company in the world's attention. The findings of the brilliant John is considered a breakthrough progress in the development of rubber tires on the 18 th century. The new John patented his invention on December 7, 1888 in United Kingdom UK. Although it has been patented, John findings known to be invalid after the first tire design was created by Robert William Thomson. R.W. Thomson discovered and patented the pneumatic tire in 1845. Even so, the discovery of modern tire, John is more recognized than the findings RW Thomson.

The Symbol Dunlop

Dunlop Tires tire design was first advertised in 1889 in The Irish Cyclist. Two years later, John Boyd Dunlop Tyres Dunlop established the first factory in Dublin, Ireland. One year later John mass-produce the tire in Belfast. In 1891 built Fort Dunlop Factory in Birmingham, England which is now the headquarters of Dunlop. Dunlop growth from pioneer to successful multinational corporations quickly. Once introduced in 1888, Dunlop pneumatic tires became standard equipment for the bike because it is very good for use on rough roads. In the same year, Dunlop tires for the first time used in cars produced by Karl Benz.

Dunlop is now the world's leading tire brands with a wide array of products that have been scraped his palms on the highway of millions around the world. In the decade of the '80s, Dunlop managed to dominate the market in Germany, Britain, France and the United States. Dunlop was the beginning of rapid development, particularly in the areas of technology development, production capacity, and global marketing network all over the world. John Boyd Dunlop died October 23, 1921, due to illness. He managed to create a practical tire products that are beneficial to the automotive world.

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