Emanuel Swedenborg Biography

Emanuel Swedenborg

Emanuel Swedenborg (birth name: Emanuel Swedberg; born in Stockholm, Sweden, February 8, 1688 - died in London, England, March 29, 1772 at age 84 years) [1] is a scientist, philosopher, Christian mystic, and theologian Sweden. Swedenborg had a prolific career as an inventor and scientist. At the age of fifty-six years, he entered the spiritual phase of his life, and he started having "dreams and visions".

This culminated in a spiritual awakening, where he claimed to have been appointed by God to write a heavenly doctrine to reform Christianity. He claimed that God had opened his eyes, so that from then on he could freely visit heaven and hell, and talk with angels, demons and other spirits. During 28 years of his life, he wrote and published 18 theological works, most notably the Heaven and Hell (1758), and several unpublished theological works.

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