Franz Ferdinand Biography

Franz Ferdinand
Franz Ferdinand von Habsburg (born December 18, 1863 - died June 28, 1914 at age 50 years) was archduke (primary dukes) of Austria-Hungary and heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire. He was killed in 1914 in Sarajevo by Gavrilo Princip who is a member of the Black Hand, a group of Serbian nationalists. This incident burst of World War I; however, many other reasons that cause war.

People Austria declared war on Serbia from the assassination.
Franz Ferdinand is the nephew of Emperor Franz Josef of Austria. He became heir to the empire after his cousin Crown Prince Ludwig of suicide and the death of his father Karl Ludwig. He married Princess Sophie Cothek. Their marriage was opposed because Sophie came from the lower circles. Their marriage was allowed for consideration of his children would become the future emperor. Pamandanya, Emperor Franz Joseph, did not come to the wedding. His wife was murdered along with her ​​husband.

Bullet fired by Gavrilo Princip in the assassination of Archduke, sometimes referred to as "the bullet that started World War I", is stored as a museum exhibition in the city KonopistE KonopistE Castle, Czech Republic.

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