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Gesang Martohartono

Gesang Martohartono (born in Surakarta, Central Java, October 1, 1917 - died in Surakarta, Central Java, May 20th, 2010 at age 92 years) is a singer and songwriter from Indonesia. Known as the "maestro keroncong Indonesia," she song Solo famous through his creation, which is famous in Asia, particularly in Indonesia and Japan. The song 'Solo' creations have been translated into at least 13 languages ​​(including English, Chinese, and Japanese)

Solo songs

This song was created in 1940, when he beusia 23 years. Gesang young when it was sitting on the edge of the Solo River, he is always amazed by the river, was inspired to create a song. This song creation process takes about 6 months.
Solo song also has its own popularity abroad, especially in Japan. Solo was used in one of the Japanese movies.


Gesang lived in Jalan Bedoyo No. 5 Village Kemlayan, Serengan, Solo with nephew and his family, having previously lived in his house Palur Housing provision in 1980 the Governor of Central Java for 20 years. He has split with his wife in 1962. Selepasnya, choosing to live alone. He did not have children.

Gesang at first was not a songwriter. Formerly, he was just a singer of songs keroncong for events and have a little party in the city of Solo. She has also created a few songs, such as the World Wheel Keroncong, Keroncong the Orphanage, and Hand Sweep, during World War II. Unfortunately, these three songs is not received from the public.
As a token of appreciation for his services to the development of keroncong music, in 1983 Japan established the Garden Gesang near Solo. Management of the park was funded by Gesang Fund, an institution founded for Gesang in Japan.

Gesang had reportedly died on May 18, 2010 after his health reportedly deteriorated.
Gesang was rushed to hospital due to his health deteriorated on Wednesday (19/05/2010). Furthermore, Gesang be treated in the ICU since Sunday (16/5) because of his health continued to decline. The hospital formed a team to address health consisting of five different medical specialists. Until finally he died on Thursday (20/05/2010) At 18:10 in PKU Muhammadiyah Surakarta Hospital

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