Kenny G Biography

Kenneth Gorelick

Kenneth Gorelick (born on June 5, 1956), better known as Kenny G, is an American saxophonist who was born in Seattle from a Jewish family. He adopted the name 'Kenny G' when starting his professional debut at the age of 17 years.

Kenny G is one of the most famous saxophone players in the world. Kenny G's real name Kenneth Bruce Gorelick, and was born on June 5, 1956 in Seattle, Washington. Kenny large families who embrace Judaism.

Kenny knew and played saxophone since the age of 10 years, precisely in 1966, after he saw a play saxophone in The Ed Sullivan show. At this time, Kenny studied under the direction of a local musician named Gerard Pfisfer, to practice using the tape.

Kenny's school days are also characterized by playing the saxophone, including joining a jazz band. Kenny also had to follow the course of the saxophone and clarinet while in high school.

In addition to saxophone, Kenny also had joined the school golf team at his high school days.

Kenny is married to Lyndie Benson, Kenny and her two children, Max (16 years) and Noah (11 years).

There are some things that little is known publicly about Kenny G, including participation in several championship golf, fly pesaway expertise, as well as its participation as a founder and owner of Starbucks capital.


Kenny's career began as a backup to Barry White's Love Unlimited Orchestra in 1973 when he was aged 17 years. Kenny kept playing saxophone professionally for her accounting majors enrolled at the University of Washington, even when Kenny took his degree with magna cum laude.

Before his solo career, Kenny had joined the funk band called Cold, Bold & Together, also became an honorary member of The Jeff Lorber Fusion.

In 1982, Kenny signed his first contract with Arista Records, after the president's house to hear the recording played Dancing Queen ABBA songs.

Kenny launched so many albums and most of the work with famous singers such as Andrea Bocelli, Whitney Houston, Peabo Bryson, Natalie Cole, Steve Miller, Michael Bolton, Celine Dion and many more.

The second and third album went platinum in the U.S., followed by the success of the fourth and fifth album. Even his sixth album became best selling instrumental album in history, with more than 15 million copies sold.

In 1997, Kenny set a Guinness with the longest play one note using the saxophone. With the perfect breathing, Kenny can hold a tone E flat for 45 minutes and 47 seconds.

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