Kim Peek (Rain Man) Biography - Man Super Genius

Biography of Kim Peek (Rain Man) - Man Super Genius

Kim Peek is a super genius that man was born with mental retardation was born in 1951 with the size of the head 3 times larger than normal baby's head. In addition, Kim was sentenced to suffer encephalocele, which is a kind of wound in the back of the head that shows part of his brain protruding. In the age of three, wound more widespread and damaging some of Kim's brain. In 1983, Kim underwent X-rays that successfully pushed weirdness happens in Kim's brain, the brain has only one part of Kim! In other words, Kim is not divisible into the brain right brain and left brain people like normal.Kemudian, after further investigation, it was shown that half of the reintroduction of the brain Kim has been divided into three parts.

According to his father, Peek already had a strong memory from the age of 16-20 months. He read the book, given its contents, then return the books to the shelf upside down to show that he had finished reading it. He read a book in one hour, and remember almost everything he read, given the information that is very broad in terms of history, literature, geography, numbers, sports, music and dates. Technique that is read by reading the left page with his left eye and right page with his right eye, in this way he can read two pages at once with a rate of 8-10 seconds per page. he could remember the content of 12 000 books.

Various examinations were not also give information about the cause of Kim's genius, just cause of disability. Kim has a disadvantage in terms of motor, even for a shower and brush my teeth did not do it alone. When Kim was born, the doctor sentenced him as 'retarded' or 'mental defect' and he advised both parents Kim to take her to a nursing home. But by then his wife Fran and Kim take home and introduce Kim in the book. At the age of three years, Kim asked Fran what the word "confidential". Jokingly, Fran told her son to look it up in the dictionary. "He was not able to walk", he recalls, "so he crawled to the table, lifted her onto the table and about 30 seconds

then he exclaimed 'See!' "When the 4.5-year-old Kim has memorized the beginning of an 8 volume set of encyclopedias at home. In fact, recently it has been revealed that Kim can read two pages simultaneously and absorb it in just 10 seconds! Best of the information he obtained was not going to forget him. Amazing!

Besides the ability to memorize and distant d iatas arithmetic mean, Kim also loved music and learned to play piano on Dr. April Greenan from the University of Utah. "He has a phenomenal musical ability and is more than just memorizing", says Dr.Greenan. "When Kim heard a symphony when he was little, and then hear it again at the age of 53 years, he was immediately able to find out if there is a small error in the music game."

Surely what the doctor who delivered Kim is correct, that Kim does not constitute an autistic genius, but more appropriately called a man with mental retardation who superjenius. Because a genius usually has a remarkable ability in three areas. But Kim, the superjenius, has a great ability at least in 15 different areas! This is because the ability to memorize 12 000 books, has the ability to predict weather and music like Mozart!

No one else in this world who have the brain capacity like Kim Peek. American Space Agency (NASA) was interested in using a variety of advanced equipment, such as brain imaging and data fusion techniques, to discover the secret behind Kim's amazing brainpower. When Kim was asked about his opinion on the measures to be taken to NASA, he replied, "That's the best." Why does he know everything? "Because I have a great love in everything I see," said Kim. It's hard to talk with Kim. His mind is able to move at high speed. But with the help of Fran, Kim has always guided to return to the original topic. In a general conversation, a story that he grew up in the town of Cirencester. "That is the name of a Roman camp, Corin," said Kim. "Corinium," said the man as he corrected the statement Kim. But later, after checking again, Kimlah correct. Because the Romans took the name Corinium of the Celtic languages, Corin

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