Peter Schmeichel ,The best goalkeeper of World

Peter Schmeichel

Peter Boleslaw Schmeichel , born 18 November 1963; is a former footballer who plays as a goalkeeper and most successful in the history of Manchester United and Denmark. Selected as the Best Goalkeeper World in 1992 and 1993, Schmeichel is the key to success in the European Cup in Denmark 1992. He also participated in the offering of The Treble for Manchester United as champions obtain in the Champions League, English Premier League and FA Cup in the period 1998-1999, the third cup dipersembahkannya as a 'parting gifts' by Manchester United.

Gladsaxe born in Copenhagen, Denmark, Schmeichel is famous for its physical intimidation given the high and 1.93 m with a uniform size XXXL not only use his hands only to block the ball into the net but the goalie to start the trend to enable all parts of the body to keep wicket . Schmeichel is the biggest football player who appeared in the Danish national team with 129 games and scored 1 goal between the years 1987 to 2001, appearing in four European Cups from 1988 to 2000, and was featured in the 1998 FIFA World Cup.

At club level, Schmeichel until his retirement has defended the club 7 (Gladsaxe-Hero, Hvidovre, Brøndby, Manchester United, Sporting CP, Aston Villa and Manchester City with a total of 597 appearances and scored 9 goals. In the team competition she won 10 domestic titles, 9 domestic cup titles, two minor titles in inter-club championship of Europe, and a European Champions League title. Individually won 3 times the UEFA Best Goalkeeper, Best Goalkeeper 2 times World Player of Denmark 3 times, 4 times Best Goalkeeper in Denmark, one time best Goalkeepers Club Europe, the player who played 10 seasons in the Premier League, a special award Team of the decade (the 1990s), and award the best Rescue decade (the 1990s) in the Premier League (December 21, 1997) . In addition, to this day still holds the record for appearances Schmeichel cleanest in the Premier League with 42%.
Now his first son, Kasper Schmeichel, who played for Notts County is currently in fourth caste British domestic competition.

Early life

Born in the Søborggård, Gladsaxe, Denmark of father and mother of a Polish citizen of Denmark. In 1970 followed his father, Peter Schmeichel and his brothers became a Danish citizen. He spent the early years of his life in the city Buddinge, Copenhagen, and began his career playing football for a team on the outskirts of town adjacent to his residence Hoje-Gladsaxe. First match occurred on August 7, 1972 at the age of 8.

After two and a half years to have his unbeaten run, Schmeichel was approached by Gladsaxe-Hero, a team that was some division in the Hoje-Gladsaxe to play in the Cup provincial junior Zealand.

In 1981, Schmeichel in promoting occupy senior team with his first coach Svend Aage Hansen who later became his father-in-law, when Gladsaxe-Hero is almost relegated to the last three games at third division Denmark. By Hansen, he was believed to guard against Birkerod Hero's goal despite losing 0-1 but it looks sensational Schmeichel into conversation even reviewed in the local newspaper.

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