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Princess Diana

Princess Diana became one poluler heroine since her marriage to Prince Charles is portrayed as a fairy tale wedding. So majestic, graceful and fascinating world. Millions of pairs of eyes watched the royal wedding that is so sacred. Princess Diana's charm continues during the life of a family member until the tragic death of Buckingham palace took his life. Diana became world celebrities are always hounded by the end of his life hunting news. Princess Diana was born in a rented house in the land of Royal Sandringham. His father, Edward Spencer was an English nobleman. Diana is playmates Prince Edward and Prince Charles son of Queen Elizabeth II

Princess Diana was born Diana Frances Spencer by name, the youngest son of Edward Spency 1961 in Park House, Sandringham Estate. He was baptized at St Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham, by Percy Herbert. Diana getting his education at Riddlesworth Hall in Norfolk and at West Heath Girls' School, Sevenoaks, Kent, where he considered as an underachieving student.

At the age of 16 years, Diana left West Heath school to continue his studies at the Institut Alpin Videmanette in Switzerland, a school that focuses on cultural education diamana there are also a place for his students to activities - social activities. Although Diana is brilliant in his studies but he was a good amateur singer.

On February 24, 1981 Lady Di was engaged to Prince Charles, and dated July 29, 1981 they married at St Paul's Cathedral, London, in such a festive ceremonies. Lady Luck seemed to represent a young woman in the world at large is getting a mate and the ship sailed along the marriage. Lady Di seemed so perfectly represent the ideal female figure who is so harmonious and happy to find love, let alone with a potential heir to the British throne. Lady in the British press when the cherished poleh start producing the first son of Prince William Arthus Philip Louis, then followed by the second son of Prince Henry Charles Albert David. Exquisite happiness still covered the new family.

But after a few years later began to emerge the seeds of a family rift with Charles berpalingnya to her first love, Camilia Parker Bowles. Moreover it turns out Diana was suffering from bulimia, carrying up to five times attempted suicide as in the biography written Morton.Bukan Andrew Charles is playing only an affair with another woman of your dreams (WIL), but Diana was openly having an affair with another man's dream ( PIL). Expectations and at the same "trust" provided by the world community that the couple's happily ever after is not able to defend. After it was announced by British Prime Minister John Major on December 9, 1992 that the couple were living apart, on August 28, 1996 are both completely separate. Like a fairy tale that (hopefully) wonderful all-round came to an end.

Daily edition of Woman's Day on August 31, 1997 article titled lowering Love Diana, Diana Diana .... oh, tell me more and more intimate with Lady Di billionaire Dodi al-Fayed . Who would have thought, the night editor of this newspaper should be prepared to serve a variety of writing the next day, in connection with the death of Princess Diana with her boyfriend Dody, driver Henri Paul and bodyguard Trevor Rees Al-Fayed-Jones in a traffic accident in Paris on Sunday (31 / 8) in the morning? We chose the headline on Princess Diana's Death Now Find True Love, as it turns out along with the marriage of Charles - based his claim on a biography and interview with the press - he did not feel the beauty of true love. In his own way he tried to find true love. But fate decided otherwise. There is no sure thing in this world except death, and Diana has proven that. The world was shocked and saddened. Reasonable thing would be surprised if the British and "angry". But Diana's already gone and never returned. There will be no longer smile shy woman who loved children and neighbors, among others active in the anti-landmine campaign around the world, to love classical music and ballet, as well as accomplished skier and good swimming.

BEING a public figure, especially a beautiful woman who was the wife of a would-be heir to the throne, it is not easy for Lady Di. Wherever he is, the spotlight of television cameras, flash flash photographs and pen to scribble notes-notes, always accompanied. As if what he did, especially after starting an affair, made interesting news. Not to mention - and this is just more and more troublesome - the presence of pa-parazzi are always stalking people - important people and rich to be photographed the most exclusive in return for higher fees from the media who are willing to buy it.

The Sun, The Mirror, and Daily Mail, the three tabloid in the UK who pay high subscription exclusive photos paparazzi shipment. One of the deadly crash of ignition Diana and Dodi that is induced by paparazzi who overreacted and never give up because pursuing a high honor. Yet the world community can not fully blame the act of paparazzi and media who continue to preach the story of Lady Di developments because they are interested in enjoying the latest news developments daughter's story.

it has incredible charisma. Commitment to humanity, and his struggle to realize a happy family, providing inspiration and encouragement for women to not become weary of the world do the same thing. Being a wife, mother, and public figures as well as a good and meaningful for others is not easily done by everyone. But a Lady Di has struggled grab (though unsuccessfully) in the shock his personal life. Not the result of overlooked here, but the process to make it happen.

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