Scottie Pippen Biography

Scottie Maurice Pippen (born in Hamburg, Arkansas, USA, 25 September 1965 aged 46 years) is a star professional basketball player who played the United States earlier in the National Basketball Association (NBA), and remember his leadership in the Chicago Bulls with Michael Jordan to bring the club won six championship rings and become one of the best players throughout the game in NBA history. Plays the body 203 cm.

Pippen is known as one of the best defensive player in his era, in which he was elected eight times as an NBA All-Defensive Team and three times as an All-NBA First Team. In addition to the game known as persistence, he was also elected seven times in the event of NBA All Star and he won the NBA All Star MVP in 1994. When the 1996-97 NBA season rolling, he was selected in the NBA's 50th Anniversary All-Time Team. To remember his services, the Chicago Bulls do not forget to retire back number 33 shirt, the shirt that he used for strengthening the club from the city of Chicago, along with Jerry Sloan, Bob Love, and Michael Jordan retired the first. During the 17-year career in the NBA, he has played 12 seasons with the Chicago Bulls, one season with the Houston Rockets, and four seasons with the Portland Trail Blazers where he played for 16 consecutive seasons in the playoffs. He is a player with the most played record holder in the playoffs other than Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Robert Horry.

NBA career

Scottie Pippen 

Early Career

Scottie Pippen grew up in Hamburg, Arkansas, where he enrolled at the University of Central Arkansas. When starting his college career, was only 183 cm Pippen has been running in schools Naia is very small and depend on the acceptance or financial revenues to be team manager and his summer job as welders. In four years, however, Pippen grew to 203 cm tall and repair itself immediately in the year as a senior he had prospected and actively considered in the NBA. Pippen appeared in the pre-draft Portsmouth Invitational Tournament is also skips draft stock dramatically. Pippen was chosen as the order of-5 on the 1987 NBA Draft by the Seattle SuperSonics, then immediately sold to the Chicago Bulls for the best eight, plays the 7 foot center Olden Polynice. Sales made by honorable and cheap by the Bulls as Pippen develop it in all the stars while Polynice to travel as many supporting players in the team.

Pippen to necessarily be part of Chicago and a young striker with a player plays ditandemkan 6'10 "(2:08 m) power forward Horace Grant, they first became a reserve player for the support of Brad Sellers and Charles Oakley, respectively, during his rookie season them. Still, Pippen claimed the starting position during the 1988 playoffs with a small kebintangannya play, helping Michael Jordan-led Bulls to reach the Eastern Conference semifinals for the first time in more than a few decades.

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