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Abdullah Ahmad Badawi

Abdullah Ahmad Badawi

Abdullah bin Haji Ahmad Badawi, or Mr. Badutuwi (born in Head Boundary, Penang, Malaysia, 26 November 1939; age 72 years) is the current Prime Minister of Malaysia ini.Perdana Minister Abdullah also was President of the United Malays National Organisation (UMNO), a political party in Malaysia's ruling. He also led the parliamentary coalition Barisan Nasional government. He is unofficially called Pak is or Mr. Clean. He replaces Dr Tun. Mahathir bin Mohamad.
He is also Chairman of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC).

Abdullah was born to an important family in Boundary Head, Penang. He received his Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies from the University of Malaya in 1964. After graduation, he joined the Diplomatic Corps, Government and Malaysia (the official name for civil servants). He stood down in 1978 to become a member of parliament for the constituency head boundary, which he still held to this day.

Abdullah unofficially called as Pak lah. The Government of Malaysia has issued a statement that the prime minister should not be referred to these calls in the official articles and mass media, but the nickname is still used unofficially. Abdullah is also the chairman of the Non-Aligned Movement, and has held the job since he took office as prime minister.

The government's decision on the termination of his leadership several mega-infrastructure projects, including a bridge to Singapore to make Mahathir Mohammad irritated. It boggles the Malaysian society and create a feeling of worry given the position of Mahathir who received the title of "Tun" after no longer prime minister. Observing such a step, on June 19, 2006, the party UMNO supreme council unanimously declare full support measures as prime minister Abdullah Badawi.

Harakah in January 2007 newspaper photograph showing the hand in contact with Michelle Yeoh in a dinner party in a sailboat race in Terengganu month of December 2006. Government officials confiscated opposition newspapers Se-Malaysia Islamic Party is of the shanties in the palm. However, officials stated that the foreclosure is done because the paper should be circulated only among party members only.


After a motion for accusing prominent people such as Eric Chia and Isa Abdul Samad with corruption, government efforts to eradicate corruption Abdullah is said to be less transparent. He is still debated as there continues to fight corruption Abdullah secretly or he has deliberately slowed efforts in eliminating corruption. Although Abdullah said that he mengalu-alukan or critical comments that helped improve the administration, he has given warnings to Mukhriz Mahathir who mengkritis economic policy in the great meeting of UMNO, 2006. He also tried to guard the sources, Äúbawah ground, Äù as web sites, forums and blogs, which they regard this as mengkritisnya through media, Äúorang without credibility, Äù.

Controversy over Mahathir

In 2005, he has said that under the Abdullah administration, there was a significant increase in-KES KES kronism regarding the provision of import permit (AP) for cars made outside Malaysia. Mahathir has said the former government investigation into the issue. Later, Mahathir Abdullah for canceling mengkritis many development projects commenced by Mahathir, for example the construction of a bridge to replace the contact kosway Malaysia and Singapore. Mahathir also said that Abdullah had been originally given to the graduation Republic of Singapore Air Force to fly to Malaysia and the region to sell sand to Singapore in exchange for an agreement for the construction of the bridge.

In 2006, Mahathir continued critical of Abdullah, alleges that Media freedom under the Abdullah telahpun berkurangan. Mahathir also reluctant to broadcast media bahawa add comments Mahathir. Mahathir has blamed Abdullah for breaking promises made by Abdullah on policy concerning the kingdom and the most powerful critical until now, said that Abdullah had betrayed her trust. Upset Mahathir chose Abdullah as his successor and said he originally wanted bahawa timbalan Abdullah, Najib Tun Razak to succeed him. Najib who was on an official visit to India, immediately expressed support for Abdullah infinity.

Recently (when in October 2006), Mahathir blames Abdullah for the practice of a deceptive nature. [6] It started when Abdullah was reported to have problems with effective decision making. By that, he was always a problem when the decision caused controversy among the people of Malaysia. One example is the decision to cancel construction of a bridge that should replace the Singapore-Johor Kosway. In his announcement, he always uses the word, Äúrakyat, Äù, with regard bahawa all the people supporting all of its decision without hesitation.

Critical have compared with the government of Mahathir Abdullah administration, Mahathir bahawa mencadang is more glorious in perpetuating harmony among ethnic groups in Malaysia.
Abdullah is also often criticized by bloggers and the media outside the country of Malaysia due to the critical sentiasa silence against him. He has vowed to crack down hard on the pro-democracy protester and gave to the police to eliminate sokongannya protest and arrest participants in the protest. a has been followed by a series of media restrictions regarding some of the pro-democratic societies such as the Association Net securely held in 2007 on 10 November 2007. Media are escorted by the royal Tempatan Malaysia did not broadcast it (with) while he was out of state diperihalkan by the media like Al-Jazeera, Reuters, BBC and CNN. Abdullah later said that he never dicabar.

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