Benyamin Holt-Tractor Inventor

Benyamin Holt
Benyamin Holt
A tool widely used for heavy work. Tractor into one revolutionary tool ever made.

IN ancient times and the era, Tripod Catrol widely used for heavy lifting. For example, move rocks weighing a ton. However, in its development, the tractor was made to facilitate the work of man.

At first, the tractor is generally done on the farm. However, over the times, also used as a tractor towing aircraft, military transport vehicles, or carrying heavy loads in large numbers. Tool commonly used in open coal mining and so on.

Tractor is basically a vehicle specifically designed. Function intended for the purposes of making a high traction at low speeds. Also is another common term, unit traktors tractor unit, the semi-trailer trucks.

Then, the person who first created the tractor? His name is Benjamin Holt. He was a U.S. national who was born in Concord, New Hampshire, on January 1, 1849.

Holt is the youngest of four brothers whose family owned a sawmill. He helped the efforts of his parents. However, since the opening of The Stockton Wheel Co.. in California, Holt thought to move there.

Holt was applied in the Stockton Wheel Co.. In 1883, Holt moved to California. There, Holt worked on a farm. He often got into trouble at his new job, the first he had no basic work on the farm.

Holt is a frequent problem into the mud in the fields of employment. In fact, he had drowned. It was quite disturbing work.

Holt can not stand the natural events that often he was persistent. He was thinking of creating a tool that could help her work. Finally, the idea of ​​creating a tractor appeared on 24 November 1904.

Tractors can be used for walking on land. Holt tractor that has a conventional front wheel. Section is used to steer the tractor rate.

Crawler-type section in the rear wheel is very similar to traction engines. It also has a design that varies the steering coupling and can control the speed of each set of wheels.

Holt patented the findings on December 7, 1907. After that, Holt The Holt Manufacturing Company built in the 20th century. Holt died in 1920. To remember him, a street in north Stockton, California Benjamin Holt was named in honor of the inventor of the tractor.

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