Charles Goodyear-Inventor of Rubber Tires

Charles Goodyear
Charles Goodyear
Charles Goodyear was born in New Haven on December 29, 1800. He was a U.S. national who discovered how to vulcanizing rubber in 1839. He later patented his invention in 1844. At first, Charles Goodyear is a former merchant who went bankrupt and was imprisoned due to debt. In 1830 the world is experiencing a fever of rubber and Charles Goodyear was interested in the world to cultivate rubber.

Rubber material is good but the material is a rice pest stink, hardens when cold and too sticky when warm and can not seem to be used for practical purposes. Charles Goodyear founded the company and strive to make the material useful. Previous seven years, he tried to cultivate rubber material with magnesium oxide, copper powder, nitric acid and lime adhesive, but still no results.

In an auspicious day in 1839, he cleaned his hands from the spread of powder, which consists of a mixture of rubber and sulfur. Powder and fell into a furnace on fire. When the rubber melted, it reacts with sulfur material and found that the material was changed to have a character like an elastic skin. This is the first vulcanized rubber or rubber tires created.

Goodyear also managed to find a weather-resistant rubber. Then he was obsessed with making a variety of homemade goods from raw materials and patented

it's his creation. Goodyear patented his invention intentions step was preceded by a British rubber pioneer Thomas Hancock the ironically named method of vulcanizing the rubber digunakanya inspired by the example of weather-resistant Goodyear's creation. He also tried to fight back through legal channels, but ended up losing and then losing his French patent, and not only that, the royalties were canceled.

Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company was founded in 1898 by Frank Seiberling which is a rubber tire manufacturers and third largest in the world after Michelin and Bridgestone. Companies headquartered in Ohio, the United States was producing tires for cars, airplanes, and heavy machinery. Although not related, this company's name is taken as a tribute to Charles Goodyear created vulcanized rubber in 1839.

On August 1824, married Clarissa Beecher Goodyear and they were blessed with seven children, one of whom was William Henry Goodyear. Charles Goodyear died in New York on July 1, 1860, leaving debts of $ 200,000. But the sacrifice and hard work finally Goodyear was not in vain, because his family could enjoy it all through the accumulation of royalties temuanya, and a more meaningful again, his name has been inscribed as a world pioneer of the modern rubber industry.

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