Conrad Hilton - Hilton Hotel Chain Owner

Conrad Hilton - Hilton Hotel Chain Owner
Conrad Hilton

Conrad Hilton - Hilton Hotel Chain Owner
Hilton was born on December 25, 1887 in San Antonio, New Mexico. He was the second of eight children, and first son. His father, Augustus Hover Hilton, who is fondly called "Gus" was born in Oslo in 1854 and has been moved to the United States in the 1960s. Some old Gus Hilton lived in Fort Dodge, Iowa, the birthplace of his wife, Mary Laufersweiler, a descendant of German. He was fascinated by the many opportunities in the West, and so he settled in Sorocco, New Mexico, and later in San Antonio. He understands the needs of coal miners and people who travel back and forth across the Mexico border, and this encouraged him to build a department store.

Hilton led the 185 hotels in the United States and 75 overseas when he died at the age of 91, the month of January 1979. Before taking important decisions. Hilton days researching and considering all its implications. He learned everything. If Hlton can not buy a hotel, he was hired. If he can not hire, he built it. Impressively tall man who looked in good shape is to eat and sleep in the hotel and he dreams about the hotel in the evening.

Hilton's career began when he answered quietly: "Why not use five or six rooms in our house and turn it into the bedroom, like a hotel. This city needs a hotel. Maybe at first you do not have customers, but the story would spread out and all will walk alone. daughters and mother can take care of the kitchen and I'll take care of the guests luggage. With each room can easily accommodate several guests. With the cost of $ 2.50 a day, I think we'll be lucky enough. It is clear, the problem is how to attract customers ".

This is the beginning of sutu the hard work for Hilton. Mother and his sisters take care of his hotel alone while he and his father still works at the store. But once the store closes at 6 pm, Hilton a little dinner, and went to bed. At midnight he woke up to meet the people who got off the train at 1 am. He is taking care of their belongings, they sign up, check whether all the needs they have available, such as blankets, soap and towels, noting that they want breakfast in the morning and what time they ask dibangungkan. He sent a note to the mother, then returned to the station to greet the train at 3 am. When the last passenger has got accommodation, Hilton can sleep again, at least until 7 am. At that hour he was awake, looking after the guests, and opened their store at 8 am.

In just six weeks of lodging San Antonio is known throughout the area, even going so far in Chicago. "If you must stop," as they say, "go to San Antonio and stay at the lodge Hilton." An important lesson has been found Conrad Hilton. He always worked hard and long to succeed. Until his death, he said that he did not want to get paid a million dollars in exchange for everything I have learned so far.

The success of "hotel" Hilton lets her first demanding education in New Mexico School of Mines in 1907. This period marked a turning point in his life. Dalama two years, Gus has risen again. He got busy in the real estate business in Hot Springs, New Mexico. He dreamed of opening a bank, and he has purchased land to build houses. The land was located in Sorocco, where the founding Chool of Mines. Hilton hated the city. His father gave him the option to remain in San Antonio to take care of the store, while the whole family moved to Sorocco. Hilton knew that his sisters would be more likely to succeed in the city, so he agreed. This is the beginning of his apprenticeship in the business world.

respect for anyone that you are facing. This principle helps him in the face of the government of Puerto Rico, who had contacted seven American hotel to ask them to open a luxury hotel in San Juana. None of the hotels that are interested in, and answered with a short business letter in English with no friendliness, Hilton provides the answer in perfect Spanish. Of course the atmosphere to be very different. Thus was born-Caribe Hilton hotel chain. In his business affairs abroad also, Hilton applying the three principles as in the country: Cultivate your own capital, bankers Treat a friend, Give the manager shares in the company. This formula to achieve good results everywhere he goes, because it does not invite the displeasure of those who faced overseas.

Hilton would prefer a partnership offering to investors outside the hotel-hotel. They are burdened with buying land and finance construction. Hilton provides technical assistance and assist the operation of the hotel. Then the two sides signed a joint lease or management contract with. Personnel, who are screened and carefully selected from local personnel, are invited to improve their proficiency in Hilton hotels in the United States.

Hotels appear everywhere abroad. Then Hilton International Corporation was established in 1948. This stand-alone entity, separate from its parent body, but Hilton takes the lead as president and chairman of the board of directors. Hilton hotel operations abroad to meet two goals Hilton: first to help the Americans in touch with the rest of the world so as to make them more tolerant, and second, and second, the hotels allows the world to know America and its citizens. Luminaries to help provide funding to the Hilton Hotel located everywhere abroad. Shah of Iran with the Foundation Pahlavinya have a Hilton Hotel. Howard Hughes also has links with the hotel via Trans World Airlines. In May 1967, Hilton International became a branch of TWA. At the time, Hilton has resigned from the business that has been built with a minimum investment.

Hilton finally have time to enjoy life with family and friends at his home in California. Although he no longer wanted to travel around to supervise. He never missed the inauguration festivities. Abroad, the Hilton is always respect the local traditions that enforce policy for gala events include naional customs and folklore of the country concerned.

Although very successful in business, in his personal life Hilton was not so happy. He and his first wife, Mary Barron, has three sons, Nick, Barron, and Eric. When the youngest child was born in 1933, Hilton was run out of steam due to the burden of hard work. His marriage fall apart.

Next he married Zsa Zsa-Gabar, but this marriage did not live long. Quieter third marriage. In 1976, at the age of 89, he married Mary Kelly France. 20-year-old woman under him and a friend for a long time.

Men who have this vision has carved his name in history. In 1965, the hotel business hotel Hilton has 61 pieces in 19 countries, in other words, the effort was more than 40,000 rooms and staff of employees reached 40,000 people. Hilton itself has a 30 per cent of the revenues of an estimated $ 500,000 million. This is a clear picture of the principle of Hilton: Believe in your goals, your goals and to God. The formula above is a summary of a great career Conrad Hilton, one of the greatest king of hospitality and the richest in the world.

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