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David Copperfield
David Copperfield (real name: David Seth Kotkin was born in Metuchen, New Jersey, USA, 16 September 1956; age 55 years) is a magician and illusionist who has won an Emmy Award 21 times. Among the famous illusion is the show "remove" the Statue of Liberty, "flying" over the Grand Canyon, and "walk through" the Great Wall in the PRC.


Copperfield began playing magic since the age of 12 years, and became the youngest magician to be accepted as a member of the Society of American Magicians When I was 16, University of New York has been invited to teach a course on magic. The name "David Copperfield" is taken from a fictional character named David Copperfield that appears in the same titled novel, David Copperfield by Charles Dickens. At age 19, Copperfield was performing great in the Pagoda Hotel, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Most of the appearance of Copperfield television special events and as a guest star in television shows. On the big screen, Copperfield has played as Ken the magician in a horror film Terror Train production in 1980. In addition, Copperfield has appeared as extras in the film Pret-à-Porter (1984), but his name is not included in the list of players.

In 1982, Copperfield founded Project Magic Foundation  to help rehabilitate patients paralyzed hand movements taught magic as a method of physical therapy. The methods developed are accredited by the American Occupational Therapy Association, and is used in more than 1,100 hospitals in 30 countries around the world.

In 1996, Copperfield writing fiction anthology entitled David Copperfield Tales of the Impossible to pick up background world of magic and illusion. In writing the book in collaboration Copperfield Dean Koontz, Joyce Carol Oates, Ray Bradbury, and other team members. In the following year published a second volume, David Copperfield Beyond Imagination (1997).

Copperfield has the International Museum and Library Arts Magic in Las Vegas, Nevada. The museum was founded as an effort to preserve the history of art Copperfield magic, and magic collection of antique tools, books, and objects relating to the art of magic.

Forbes magazine reported David Copperfield has a revenue of 57 million U.S. dollars in 2003. The amount is made in order to-10-paid celebrity in the world's most expensive. In 2004, his income was estimated at 57 million U.S. dollars (ranked 35th), while fixed income in 2005 totaled 57 million dollars, but fell to No. 41 in the list of world's top celebrities. Each year, David Copperfield performed more than 550 performances around the world.

Personal life

Copperfield was once engaged to supermodel Claudia Schiffer. After having over 6 years, they separated in 1999.
Copperfield's father named Hyman Kotkin, aka Hy died in February 2006 in San Diego, California. During his life, Hy often accompany their children while doing a tour around the world. Copperfield has a web site in memory of his father Hy Remember.
In April 2006, Copperfield and two female assistants are victims of armed robbery in West Palm Beach, Florida. At that time, they had just finished doing a show when the robbers robbed a young age group. Second assistant handed all the money, passports, and owned a cell phone. But according to a statement given to police, Copperfield did not give anything to the robber. Copperfield says he uses sleight of hand magician to hide his possessions.

Television special occasion

The Magic of ABC Starring David Copperfield (1977)
The Magic of David Copperfield (1978)
The Magic of David Copperfield II (1979)
The Magic of David Copperfield III: Levitating Ferrari (1980)
The Magic of David Copperfield IV: The Vanishing Airplane (1981)
The Magic of David Copperfield V: Vanishing the Statue of Liberty (1983)
The Magic of David Copperfield VI: Floating Over the Grand Canyon (1984)
The Magic of David Copperfield VII: familiäres (1985)
The Magic of David Copperfield VIII: Walking Through the Great Wall of China (1986)
The Magic of David Copperfield IX: Escape From Alcatraz (1987)
The Magic of David Copperfield X: The Bermuda Triangle (1988)
The Magic of David Copperfield XI: Explosive Encounter (1989)
The Magic of David Copperfield XII: The Niagara Falls Challenge (1990)
The Magic of David Copperfield XIII: Mystery On The Orient Express (1991)
The Magic of David Copperfield XIV: Flying - Live The Dream (1992)
The Magic of David Copperfield XV: Fires Of Passion (1993)
David Copperfield: 15 Years of Magic (1994)
The David Copperfield: The Great Escapes
The Magic of David Copperfield XVII: Tornado Of Fire (2001) - locations in the Mid-South Coliseum, Memphis, Tennessee
The Magic of David Copperfield XVII: Tornado of Fire (2001) - European Edition

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