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Dennis Kucinich
Dennis Kucinich
Dennis Kucinich Biography
Dennis Kucinich (born October 8, 1946) was an American politician currently representing the 10th Congressional District of Ohio in the United States House of Representatives. He is a candidate for the Democratic nomination for President of the United States in the 2008 election.

Kucinich grew up poor, one of seven children, the son of Croatian immigrants. At times in his childhood in 1950, Kucinich family forced to live in their cars. His political career began with a surprise victory in the election of 1969 the Cleveland City Council. He was 23 years old at the time. He then jumped to the relative political fame by winning election to lead the Cleveland mayor in 1976 and became the youngest mayor of a major city in the United States. He survived a bitter recall election but later lost re-election bid in 1978. The main controversy involved his refusal to sell the municipally-owned electric utilities to private industry.

Kucinich ran for Congress in 1996, won the 10th Congressional District as a Democrat. In 2004, he entered the race for the Democratic Presidential nomination, and although he stood little chance against the opponent is better known and better financed like Howard Dean, John Edwards, and the eventual winners, John Kerry, Kucinich made a name for himself as an outspoken progressive menggembar Boasting a very liberal attitude on issues such as environmental protection, gay rights, workers rights, the War in Iraq, and women's issues. Kucinich also stands out from all the other candidates through his vegan lifestyle, refusing to eat meat / animal products or wear leather or animal products / apparel.

In January 2007, Kucinich entered the race for the Democratic nomination in 2008. In Iowa, New Hampshire and other caucus and primary states, he never took more than 2% of the vote, and kept out of crucial debate a few. Continuing campaign to help the president make him look vulnerable in his home area, the 10th Congressional District of Ohio. Four challengers for congressional seats up, and that, along with the show vibrant in the Democratic primaries, Dennis Kucinich drop out of race due to the President on January 25, 2008.

After the 2010 census, Ohio lost a congressional district, and Dennis Kucinich stated publicly that Republicans in the Ohio legislature would eliminate the district or re-draw district boundaries to force him out of his Cleveland district. With that possibility in mind, Kucinich began to make many public appearances in Washington (State, not the city), and speculation began about whether he plans to move to Washington and run for Congress, either in the not-yet-created district of Washington granted new after the census, or in a congressional district. Incumbent in Washington 1 Distict, Jay Inslee, considered a potential candidate for governor, which would leave an empty chair.

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