Edward Jenner, Inventor of Diseases Smallpox Vaccine

Edward Jenner
Edward Jenner,

Edward Jenner, inventor of Diseases Smallpox Vaccine
Edward Jenner was born in 1749, in the small town of Berkeley in Cloucestershire, England. As a boy of twelve years he was an apprentice to be a surgeon. Later he studied anatomy and working in the hospital. In 1792 he obtained a doctor degree from the University of St. Andrew. In his mid-forties he was a physician and surgeon weighs in Goncestershire.

English physician Edward Jenner is the man who developed and popularized the technique of vaccination to prevent smallpox. Smallpox has been wiped from the face of the earth so that people rarely imagine how scary the disease in the past century. Smallpox spreads so easily that a large part of Europe this illness in their lifetime. Not only terrible but also to kill, so that between 10-20 percent of this disease kehinggapan drifted into the afterlife. And good luck to those who survive, face screwed-balaulah face, hollow-hollow like a grater, long-life. Chickenpox is not just confined to Europe, of course, but it swept across North America, India, China and almost all parts of the world. Everywhere, young child which is often a victim of this disease.

Years of effort has been taken of how to find a reliable way of preventing smallpox. Anyway long been known, whoever is able to survive the attack of smallpox, even after it's become resistant and no longer going to suffer the disease a second time. In the East, this observation has been incarnated in the practice of injecting serum into the body of healthy people with something that is taken from the patient's body mild smallpox, and after recovering he would be immune. This practice was introduced in England in the early 18th century by Lady Mary Montagu Wotley, and has been known for years before Jenner. And Jenner himself was already shot like that when he was nine years old.

But, how to prevent this patch-up could bring bad effect; a number of people who got smallpox was injected instead of real chicken that even lightly damaged skin-face leburlah. In fact about two percent of the time after the injection, immediately suffered a fatal pox! Clearly, a more perfect would be required. Jenner was used with the belief that people who kehinggapan disease "cowpox" a kind of mild illness that cattle can be transmitted to humans, will never hit by smallpox. ("Cowpox" itself is not dangerous, although the symptoms are similar to ordinary smallpox). Jenner realized, when the confidence of farmers it contains the truth, then inject "cowpox" into the human body is a safe way to make them immune to smallpox.

He studied this issue carefully, and by the year 1796 he strongly believes that the belief that farmers do not miss it. Then Reference Biography: Jenner decided to try it in person. In the month of May 1796 Jenner injected James Phipps, an eight-year-old boy with something that is taken from the spot disease "cowpox" in the hands of a dairy farmer. As was expected, the little boy kehinggapan "cowpox" but soon recovered. A few weeks later, Jenner injected smallpox serum Phipps. And as expected the boy would not look for signs of disease. After doing more in-depth investigation, Jenner introduced the results of his efforts through a thin book entitled An Inquiry into the Causes and Effects of the Variolae Vaccinae, issued privately in 1798. Book so that's what causes the receipt of vaccination in general and widespread.

After that Jenner write five more articles on the subject of vaccination, and for years he devoted his time disseminating knowledge about the technique and hard work in order to receive one. The practice of vaccination in the UK is growing fast, then be required in the Army and Royal Navy. And also coincided with that accepted by most countries in the world. Jenner freely offered his technique to the world and made no effort to gain the slightest advantage of money from it. However, in the year 1802 the British parliament as a sign of gratitude and appreciation presented him the sum of 20 000 pounds. Jenner then became tennasyhur person in the universe, is flooded with different kinds of honor and medal. Jenner married and has three children. He lived until the age of 73 years, died at the beginning taliun 1823 at his home in the city of Berkeley.

As we have seen, Jenner created his own idea that the disease "cowpox" can provide immunity against smallpox; he heard it from someone else problem. And there is also evidence suggesting that there is to vaccinate "cowpox" before Jenner did. Despite Jenner was not a great original scientists, not many people who have done something so great benefit to humanity. Through the investigation, investigations, experiments, and his writings, his pipe and divert ordinary people's trust that was not taken seriously by the medical world, a standard practice that has saved millions of lives. Although Jenner technique can only be used to prevent one disease, but the disease is truly a disease that has the weight of the danger. Thanks to the work that he received praise and respect, both in his time and by later generations Vaccine Inventors

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