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Jay Abraham
Jay Abraham
I must say that over all Jay Abraham get the highest rating possible from the site review. Its programs can be expensive but the information and reading of the great teachings. It is my oppinion that you can not go wrong with any of the material when it comes to building a successful business online or off. Use what is taught and apply it to something to make something great!

Jay Abraham is the one that you definitely know when you read the book - the world's top business books. If not, try to find his name in the library and start studying. He has created a profit of more than $ 12 billion dollars for its clients. We certainly know that the $ 12 billion is a very very big number - it is the amount that could be solved by Jay Abraham. It is a fact. Inside this amazing ebook you can discover how the technique - a simple technique performed consistently by Jay, so he could make a fantastic profit.

To obtain a direct lesson from Jay Abraham, he put up expensive flat rate - average $ 10,000, even the cost rises to $ 25,000.

Here are some basics to keep in mind that you were successful selling like Jay Abraham:

1. Ask yourself this - "Is your goal worth to you?". read and ask again. This question is contrary to what was asked by 95% of people. They exchanged words - these words and ask them to tuuan they deserve. WRONG! You must be believing in yourself and your life vision. Whether your goal is big enough and high enough? make the case. Dream high - high and then ask again - Is it worth it to your destination?

2. Get to work in chunks - chunks of time. Prepare 2-4 hours of uninterrupted time for your project. Most people start working on proykenya and impaired / interruptions. WRONG! Now you are cutting the time. And the people around you should know that now this is the way you work. Begin to get used to working this way and you'll get it - the extraordinary
Start looking for a valuable lesson in everything you do. Listen, feel and passed. No matter whether your project succeeds or fails - what's important to note that you can catch.

Many ways to increase sales. Here is a sales strategy from Jay Abraham, known as the Five Business Chassis:

1. Expand Prospects (Leads).
The trick with advertising, open branches, spread leaflets, exhibitions and other part - the other. For example, you open a store in the mall. Average coming into your store by accident is 1000 people, then the prospects / leads you are 1000. Then you distribute leaflets at the gates of Mal that invites people to come to your store. Let's say the prospect of coming into the shop of the brochure is 100 people, so your prospects into 1100. The more that comes into your store means more of your prospects.

2. Expand the number of conversion (Conversion).
Conversion is the number of prospects that your product end of 1000 the outlook for example coming into your store to buy that 250. This means that your conversion is 25%. How to increase conversions? For example: provide the warranty, provide after-sales guarantee, free delivery, and another - another.
Raise the number of transactions.

3. The number of how many transactions are transactions that occur at your store per day, a Sunday or per month. How do I increase the amount of the transaction? Perform a variety of ways for your customers shopping more frequently, for example by giving a gift, bonus, points, vouchers and other - other.
Raise - average number of purchases.

4. Of the transaction amount is the average number of transactions? For example, the store you get a turnover of Rp. One million transactions per day with the number 50, then your average transaction is $. 20,000. The trick? You ever eat at McDonalds? Each of us will pay, waiters always ask: "Want to add French fries sir?" If you answered yes, he would ask: "The large or medium?" If you answered no to French fries, he'll ask again: "The ice cream will pack?" or "Want to try wafflenya sir?" And so on.
Raise your profit margin.

5. For example, the cost of your product is Rp. 750. You sell $ 1000, then your profit is Rp. 250 or 25% (U.S. $ 250: Rp. 1000). Then you raise the price of Rp. 100 to Rp. 1100, the profit margin to 32% or an increase of 7%.

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