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Leo Burnett Biography
Leo Burnett

Leo Burnett was born in St. Petersburg. Johns, Michigan on October 21, 1891 was a businessman success in advertising, Leo Burnett While studying journalism at the University of Michigan and even worked after graduation as a reporter, he found that it was in the ad where the money is made. So, he quit the job and began working for Cadillac Clearing, worked as an editor. He then climbed the path to the top of the advertising department, and at that point his mind set on going to New York, where the real advertising dollars spent. Leo Creating such an iconic symbol of American-branded products, Leo Burnett worked long and hard to encourage a new style of advertising - which focuses on providing national product recognition more than long-winded persuasion.

Start a business venture allows him to make, but it creation of the Marlboro Man, the Jolly Green Giant and Tony the Tiger that will make a small mid-western company became one of the biggest, most sought-after agents in the world. After entering the Navy for six months, he then decided to remain in the mid-west and then moved his family to Indianapolis, Indiana. He started to head the advertising department for a new car company, but as the company left the country, he wanted to stay in
the area. Burnett then decided to head to Chicago where he began working for Erwin Wassey and remained for five years. He had some trouble hiring the most sought after personnel and creative as they all headed to New York. However, a reliable and loyal employees encouraged him to start his own advertising company.

Leo Burnett, employers
Leo Burnett, entrepreneur Leo Burnett Company, Inc. was formed, and the company started with small products - whatever they may contract. He stuck with persistent beliefs about how advertising must change. He was able to create ads that are different from others; people who attract the attention of consumers, enticing them, and make them check out the scene. Companies that manufacture products Jolly Green Giant and even change their company name after the success of Giant Green Giant. Burnett billing company grow from one to five, ten, nearly 100 million dollars in ten years. Now, the company makes more than eight billion dollars per year in worldwide sales. On June 7, 1971 he passed away in Lake Zurich, Illinois, United States

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