Montezuma II Biography

Montezuma II
Montezuma II
Montezuma II Biography
Moctezuma Xocoyotl (1466-1520), better known as Montezuma II was born about the year 1466 AD From the descendants of the king, he is the youngest Axacatatl Maharaja, who ruled between the years 1469-81. Aztec king inherited and is not replaced by Ahuitzotl Axacayatl, the kind of hero whose rule between 1481-1502. Competent, have no sense of mercy and malignant, Ahuitzotl expanding Aztec empire and sacrifice is said to have held twenty thousand prisoners in the development teocalli, or sacrifice "temple."

When Ahuitzotl died, the board of nobles chose this theology students who are considered young even though the full potential for bold as the next emperor. This is Xocoyotl Moctezuma, last name means "younger."

The young Maharaja immediately showed signs of the caliber of government. Often campaigned in the presence of military forces, he won 43 battle crush his enemy that operates in the southern kingdom of the Aztecs.

Montezuma is a strong government in the country. He built and decorated the temples and provide clean water supplies in the capital city at Tenochtitlán to build aqueducts twins. To promote compliance with the law, he turned to using the tactics of giving a bribe to the judge to determine their sincerity. He also merayau on the streets in disguise to determine its laws obeyed.

What causes the fall of Montezuma to the case can be summarized: bawdy religious beliefs. Haunted by the belief obscene and as a student of theology, he was familiar with the legend of Quetzalcoatl, the Aztec god who is believed to be home to Mexico as a white beard. Montezuma is very confident that this will mark the return of the god of the fall of his empire.
By it, so he knows the Spanish army landing (a bearded and white) in Veracruz, Montezuma hit a dilemma. He held a meeting with the supreme adviser, including his ally, King of Texcoco Cacama. But this discussion has reached a dead end, some would oppose military kerana Cortés, while the other half would serve as the god of this explorer.
Finally, Montezuma has made a decision that is right: that is by giving a bribe to leave Cortés to Mexico is to take the form of a gift of gold to him. "It just opens the wealth and weakness," wrote William H. Prescott, a historian of the conquest of Mexico's famous century-l9. Cortés has a bold attitude, perhaps because of a deep desire to conquer Mexico.

When told by the representative of Montezuma Montezuma that Cortés was reluctant to see him smugly replied that he would leave Mexico while he was not going to Tenochtitlan to pay homage to the Maharaja. As a token of his sincerity, he has ordered all ships (except one) to be burned and destroyed.

This drastic action has increased the fear of Montezuma. He finally picked up to go to the Cortés capital Tenochtitlán on November 12, 1519. In addition, he has allowed Cortés and several aides to enter the kingdom Mahligai. Cortéspun take this opportunity to hold Montezuma in his own place on the grounds he had ordered his people on the coast to attack the Spanish garrison at Veracruz.

Spanish parties now have a valuable ransom. Although arrested and persecuted Montezuma kidnappers are still flattering. Instead he accepted their requests such as cleaning up the victims, raising the cross on the temple, accepted Christianity and also adherent to the King of Spain at that time namely King Carlos V. His actions have caused outrage people.

To compound the problem, Cortés received the bad news that the Spanish troops had been driven by Velázquez to arrest him for denying his orders are not conquer the country of Mexico. He mandated the administration of the capital entrusted to his lieutenant Pedro de Alvarado namely lieutenant. Then, he and his army moved toward Cuba and killing their expedition led by Panfilo de Narvaez. Cortés then informs the losing side of the capital city of gold in Tenochtitlán, and they agreed to accompany Cortés army.

When Cortés returned to the capital, he found that Alvarado and his army have been killed by a gang of all Aztec nobility and those who are still alive have a new overlord menabalkan the Cuitláhuac. Alvarado has been doing so because they think it's a religious ceremony as a rebellion. Cuitláhuac then directed his officers to surround Mahligai occupied by the Spanish and Montezuma. Cortés had no other options and asked to speak on the bridge Montezuma Mahligai to its people and urged them to let the Spanish soldiers out safely. However, people already hate him especially after defiled their religion by raising the cross on their temples and murder directed by Alvarado. Then they were taunting him and throwing big stones at him. Montezuma consequently suffered severe injuries on his head. Cortés La Malinche together to try to negotiate with groups that oppose it, but the talks ended when the emperor died two weeks after that on June 30, 1520.

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