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Roman Abramovich 
Roman Abramovich Arkadievich (born in Saratov, Russia, October 24, 1966), is a Russian billionaire and owner of investment company Millhouse Capital, regarded as one of Russia's oligarchs. According to Forbes magazine in 2006, on February 13, 2006 it has a net worth of U.S. $ 18.2 billion. and according to Russian Finance magazine in January 2007 his fortune at U.S. $ 21 billion. He is regarded as the richest man living in the United Kingdom in 2003.
Emphasis on the pronunciation of his surname is often the second syllable (Abramovich) when pronounced in English, whereas in the native language of Russian pressure on the third syllable (Abramovich).
In Russia, Abramovich is a governor for the province of Chukotka, he was elected in 2000. Outside Russia, he was known as the owner of Premier League football club Chelsea, and an important role in European football. In addition to these things, Abramovich other activities not known to the public.

Childhood and Education

His father was a Jew, and his mother was a Russian. Grandparents of the Roman father was exiled to Siberia from Taurage, Lithuania by the Soviet government after the occupation of Lithuania in 1940.Roman raised as an orphan. His mother, Irina Ostrowski Abramovich, died from bacteremia due to illness abortion when Roman was one year old. His father Arkady Abramovich was killed in an accident at the construction project when Roman was three tahun.Abramovich was raised by his uncle in Ukhta and and by his grandmother in Moscow. Before moving to Moscow he and his sister lived in Syktyvkar, the capital of the Republic of Komi. Abramovich attended the Industrial Institute in the city of Ukhta before compulsory military service in the Armed Forces of the Soviet Union. After his military duties while he was studying at the Institute of Moscow State Auto Transport before taking time off to do business. He finally got a degree from Moscow State Law Academy with a distance learning system.

Business success

Abramovich to get wealth by buying shares of new industries privatized after the fall of communism at a low price. He was once the largest shareholder in Sibneft, a major oil company, and also an important shareholder in Rusal, the second largest aluminum producer in the world, and several other companies.
Abramovich and European Football

Chelsea F.C.

In June 2003, he became the owner of the companies that control Chelsea Football Club in England. Previously he had been considering buying some of the other clubs before he bought Chelsea, who was having financial difficulties. This purchase made it famous in the UK. Soon after Abramovich Chelsea in control, he invested a large amount (estimated at £ 440 million until January 2006), taking into account takeover debt burden of £ 80 million and player transfers.

The club also launched an ambitious program of commercial development, with the goal of becoming a global brand, and announced plans to build a fancy new training complex Cobham, Surrey. Chelsea end the first season after the takeover in the second position in the Premiership, from the 4th position in the previous season and reached the semifinals of the UEFA Champions League. The new manager, José Mourinho, was recruited and Chelsea ended the season as the champions league next, the first after 50 years. After five years of the takeover of the club has won five major trophies, the most compared to other clubs in the same period. At the moment they became one of the major forces in English football.

CSKA Moscow

In March 2004, Sibneft agreed to sponsor a three-year contract valued at U.S. $ 58 million to the football club CSKA Moscow. Because the company revealed that the decision made by the top management level, suggesting that this is an attempt to ward off accusations Abramovich 'unpatriotic' when he took over Chelsea. UEFA regulations prohibit a person has more than one team participating in UEFA competitions, so Abramovich can not have a stake in CSKA. Based on a special investigation conducted UEFA, he finally declared free of conflicts of interest between the two clubs. Nevertheless, he called the most influential person in Russian football by a Russian magazine Pro Sport at the end of June 2004. In May 2005, CSKA won the UEFA Cup title, the first Russian club won the European Championship. But in October 2005 Abramovich sold all its shares in Sibfnet and the owner of the new company Gazprom, which has previously sponsored the football club FC Zenit Saint Petersburg, canceled the sponsorship deal.

National teams of Russia

Abramovich also played a big role in Guus Hiddink brought the coach of the National Football Kesebalasan Russia. [Piet de Visser, who previously was chief scout at Hiddink's former club PSV Eindhoven and now a personal assistant to Abramovich at Chelsea who have recommended Hiddink .

The National Football Academy

In addition to its involvement in professional football, Abramovich also sponsors a foundation in Russia, known as the National Football Academy. This organization sponsors sports programs for youth throughout the country and build more than 15 football pitches in various cities and regions. The foundation also provides funding for the trainers, training books, renovating sports facilities and bring the coaches and potential student visiting clubs of professional football in England, Holland and Spain.

Family, Interests and Other Activities

Abramovich was married twice, to Olga (divorced 1990), and with Irina (born with the name Malandina) in 1991 (divorced 2007).
On 15 October 2006, the newspaper News of the World reported that Iria has hired two prominent divorce lawyer in England, after receiving reports Abramovich's close relationship with a beautiful girl 23-year-old Daria Zhukova, the former girlfriend of the leading Russian tennis player Marat Safin. This divorce will probably be the most expensive divorce record (estimated to involve money of £ 5.5 billion). Abramovich has not consulted with his attorney stated on divorce tersebut.However, They later divorced in Russia in March 2007, with a settlement reported as being $ 300 million.

Roman Abramovich is also sponsoring a photography exhibition of photographer Uzbekistan (formerly Soviet Union) Max Penson (1893-1959) which opened on November 29, 2006 held at the Gilbert Collection is housed at Somerset House in London. Previously he has also funded the photography exhibition "Quiet Resistance: Russian Pictorial Photography 1900s-1930s" in the same gallery in 2005. Both exhibitions are managed by the Moscow House of Photography.

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