The World Biography-Abraham Lincoln ,President of the United States to the 16th

Abraham Lincoln
Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln BiographyAbraham Lincoln (born in Hardin County, Kentucky, February 12, 1809 - died in Washington, DC, 15 April 1865 at age 56 years) is the President of the United States-16, has served since March 4, 1861 until his assassination occurred. He lead the nation out of the American Civil War, to maintain national unity and abolish slavery. However, when the war was nearing its end, he became the first U.S. president who was assassinated.Prior to his inauguration in 1860 as the first Republican president, Lincoln worked as a lawyer, member of the Illinois legislature, a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, and twice failed in the senate election.

That was Abraham Lincoln words when he was 32 years old. The disappointment that comes straight bring it to a point where he wanted to end his life. Lincoln wrote the above words when she decided to start a new chapter in his life. Later, he became one of the President of America's most known and loved people. His name is famous throughout the world as an end to slavery in America.

Lincoln was born in Kentucky, USA, where his father worked as a carpenter. He had lost his mother at an early age, then her father married again. But Lincoln and his sister loved her stepmother's.

Lincoln girl grew into a tall, strapping young man. Her clothes were always never seem fitting. Short-sleeve shirt and pants always felt always hung above the ankle. When observed, it seems he did not deserve a great man at a later date, which turned out to be realized.

The first time Lincoln saw slavery, was when he was hired to carry cargo freighter bound for New Orleans in 1828. Later, when he visited the city for the second time, he vowed to himself that he must remove the practice of slavery.

Lincoln did not follow such education in general, but he was keen to learn reading and writing to successfully become a lawyer. Although at times he regarded as a 'homo' by the neighbors because of behavior and ways of dresses, but she is quite outgoing to local people. This is simply because he has a sense of humor that stands out and always make others happy. His first fell in love with a woman named Anne Rutledge, the son of the innkeeper neighbors where he lived. Anne's father was the one who suggested that Lincoln went into politics.

In early career, Lincoln was elected to Parliament for the Illinois in 1834. Then was re-elected in 1838 and 1840. At that time, he met a man named Stephen Douglas, who later became a rival in both love and politics matter. Mary Todd, the woman they fought, come from Kentucky, Lincoln prefers as a husband, but they are not happy pernikahn. In 1842, after a year of their marriage, Lincoln opened a firm with a friend named William H. Herndon. Friendship the two men were apparently persisted until death Lincoln. Later, Herndon was the one who wrote the biography of Abraham Lincoln.

In 1846, Lincoln was elected to Congress. But membership is not renewed because he proposed legislation to end slavery in the district of Columbia. Disappointed, he re-enable the firm. He stopped his political activities for some time, but then he is better known by the public as an honest lawyer.

In fact, Lincoln could not stop too long in politics. In 1854, the issue of slavery made him jump back into politics. Taampaknya he had to compete with Stephen Douglas, who tried to beat the South Americans who supported slavery, while the North against it. Lincoln did not think that half of the country to maintain the practice of slavery as opposed to half-brother countrymen. He thought, could not be made up of half the nation half slave instead. However, Lincoln was hit in the first round against Douglas, the U.S. Senate seats.

Although this time he lost, in May 1860, Lincoln was elected as a Republican presidential candidate. Meanwhile, the Democratic Party all-out attack, and they call it a 'lawyer nuts', 'incapable of speaking English' and so on. But ultimately, he was elected President of the United States. Four days after he became President, Southern states out of the Federation of the United States. Southern states were later formed a Confederacy itself. Lincoln felt sad about it, and tried to seek an end to the separation. However, the conflict between North and South is even more peaked and became the Civil War. Lincoln kept trying desperately to stop the conflict even though no avail.

To understand the political background of the American Civil War, need to explain how the origins of America was formed. In the 17th century, the
immigrants from England, France, Spain, Holland and Germany come to North America, which they regard as a new unoccupied land they found. They came in search of prosperity, have freedom of religion, as well as to expand the power of their native land and build a new empire. British Empire and then apply the laws there, so that the new land they called New England. After the war of American independence, free territories were then formed a federation, which they call the United States. Each of the new federation was agreed to continue taking care of their own government, although they also have to deal with common interests. Because things like defense remains a business together.

The southern part of America that join the federation, to develop agriculture that relies on slave labor. The northern part is more heavily dependent on trade and industry, although agriculture remains an important regard. Because there was no slavery in the north. Meanwhile, the issue of slavery became a hot issue for the newly joined to the Union, while the people in those states are not yet fully prepared with about slavery. While the laws of the United states all men are equally entitled to the 'life and liberty to happiness', but also protects private property rights. Slaves were private property. Opinion that the slave was private property is contrary to the opinion that slaves were human family who also have the right to independence. This is the basic problem for people all over the U.S. territory.

Actually many aspects that can be seen from this issue. First, whether enslaving people also is a right? Currently, slavery was not justified in many other countries around the world. Everyone agrees that clearly is not justified to curb the freedom of others. But the Southern people have been spending a lot of money to buy slaves. Social life, economic, political and they walked on the basis of ownership of slaves. So, there really was not difficult to understand how important the practice of slavery for them.

There is also a political side to the problem of ownership of slaves of the South. How to run a 'Union States' when some of the region consists of 'people-free' while others are 'slaves'? Although, it is desirable rival Lincoln, Douglas. Clear of the South was worried that more and more areas of the Federation of 'so-free', then slavery would be abolished completely. They think if this happens, they will fail, both socially and politically. The only way might be to form two separate federal. But even this was not possible.

Soon after Lincoln was elected President, the South withdrew from the federation. On 12 April 1861, the South attacked the North region in the city of Fort Sunter. Civil war or 'war between the states of the federation' has begun.

There are large differences between North and South. In more northern areas of skin white population. They are more advanced in the production of goods while the South is better in agriculture. In many ways, the North than the South, although the southern army is very skilled, in fact, war is more common in the South. Although they are better at fighting. They won the war is not easy. As we know, after several attacks, the North won the war. As the war progressed, Lincoln, still urged the holding of elections again at the end of the period he served as President, and it turns out he was reelected for the next period.

In November 1863, in the battle of Gettysburg, Lincoln delivered a speech, that is remembered throughout history. He said "... was born a new nation, founded on freedom that upholds the recognition that all men are created equal." Words Lincoln at Gettysburg gives two principles of liberty and equality - which the founding of the United States.

Lincoln died the way unexpected. As I was watching the theater with his wife, he was shot by a fellow named John Wilkes Booth. Death when peace has come to pick him up for America. Maybe it was the culmination of events that have occurred as casualties of the end of slavery in America. After his death, Lincoln was known as a great man, and ideals that have been upheld to be maintained by all Americans.

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