Cornelius Van Drebbel -Submarine Inventor of The First in word

Cornelius van Drebbel, People Achieve Leonardo da Vinci Designs

Submarines to transport equipment to the Indo-gai attractive destination. Began to military necessity to entertainment. But, who would manifest the underwater vehicle is it?
FIGURE best known as the inventor of the submarine is Cornelius van Drebbel. Initially, the submarine is a sketch artist Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519), while William Bourne designed the plan of the ship (1578). But, who managed to build it was Cornelius van Drebbel in 1620.

Initially, he only saw the sketches that made two of his friends. Then, slowly van Drebbel try to realize the sketches which he said is unique. Standard construction is still taking a sketch Bourne. Namely, using the principle that vessel can sink when the tank filled with water. If the vessel will be raised to the surface, the water tank is emptied first.

Then, van Drebbel trying to apply the law of Archimedes by using the paddle as a driver. Not quite up there, van Drebbel continue to upgrade the homemade submarines. Especially in terms of design with a shape like the arrangement of the two boats and the skin closed.

Dayungan holes made more adhesive so it does not take in water. Van Drebble not use the system back, but try to iron so much easier dive boat.
The submarine is a submarine of the oldest. Therefore, the body is still made from animal skins and wood frame. Van Drebbel is also wrapped around the base timber ships with waterproof materials and rowing boats with the skin. The addition of van Drebbel made air tube to provide oxygen.
Made his first trip with 12 rowers on the River Thames. In these trials, the ship managed to dive as deep as 360-450 cm below the River Thames, London, for 2-3 hours.

The last model made van Drebbel had six oars and can accommodate 16 passengers. The ship was able to dive for three hours and a clearance of up to 12-15 feet (4-5-meter) below the water surface. Track was started at Westminster to Greenwich commute.

Submarine that looks like a cigar is made hydrodynamic shape. According to van Drebbel, the hydrodynamic resistance can be reduced when drowned. That way, the ship can sink seamlessly. The submarine has a speed of about 18 km / h.

At present the findings of van Drebbel submarine was developed for military purposes. Primarily as submarine warfare. It is actually far from the desire Drebbel submarine when it was first made. He did not want to be a homemade submarine killer tool

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