Didier Burkhalter-Member of the Swiss Federal Council

Didier Burkhalter-Member of the Swiss Federal Council
Didier Burkhalter

Didier Burkhalter (born 17 April 1960, in Neuchâtel) is a Swiss politician of the Liberal FDP. He was also a member of the Swiss National Council elected on 16 September 2009 when replacing Pascal Couchepin on 1 November 2009 to serve as head of the Department of Home Affairs (Swiss interior minister). On December 16, 2011, the Federal Council announced from January 1, 2012, Burkhalter head of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (foreign minister).

Derived from the Canton of Neuchâtel, he was a member of parliament of the Canton of Neuchâtel in the period 1990-2001. During the period 2003-2007, Burkhalter is a member of the National Council of Switzerland. He holds a degree in economics.

On 11 November 2007, he was elected to the State Council together with Gisele Ory nominated by the Social Democratic Party (SP) for the term of office was re-elected in the second period. Other incumbent officials, Pierre Bonhôte not re-elected. During the election campaign, Burkhalter supported the Liberal Party (PLS) and the SVP / UDC, although the SVP / UDC almost does not support it openly.

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