The History of Virgin America, Inc.

The History of Virgin America, Inc

Virgin America, Inc. is the low cost airline based in the United States and started operations on August 8, 2007. The airline stated that the goal is to provide low-cost, high quality for the "long-distance service point-to-point between the major metropolitan cities on the East Coast and West Coast. San Francisco International Airport is the main base of operations from Virgin America.

Virgin America frequent flyer program called "Elevate" and run the model "of dollars spent versus miles is achieved".

Virgin America, although it was established through the role of British entrepreneur Sir Richard Branson, is a U.S. airline. By regulation, not more than 25% of the shares of a company owned by the owners from abroad and must be under the actual control of U.S. citizens; Black Canyon Capital LLC owns 75% of the primary and is responsible for taking two-thirds of the members voting in the member director. The remaining 25% stake held by the Virgin Group, which also has licensed the brand to the airline.

Virgin America, Take place center in Burlingame, California, apart from Virgin Atlantic and has no obligation to cooperate with Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Blue, Virgin Galactic, or other companies that share the Virgin brand name. However, on 3 June 2009, Virgin America made a deal with the path of international subsidiaries of Virgin Blue, V Australia, which allows customers to mengaksesjaringan Virgin America long-distance trans-Pacific V Australia between Australia and the United States, and allow passengers to access the V Australia network Virgin America across the U.S.. The airline was featured in the Fly Girls, a reality show in the TV station The CW Network.


In early 2004, the Virgin Group announced a desire to start a low-fare airline, based in the United States under the name "Virgin USA". At that time, Virgin USA hope the flights will begin in mid-2005. Suits to consider some important areas, San Francisco was chosen to be the location of the flight operations center, and a corporate headquarters. The airline also changed its name to "Virgin America". Because having trouble finding a U.S. investor who wants to bet with the new airline, after the airline was designated a U.S. airline, the launch date pushed back to early 2006.

Virgin America first pendaraan obtained at the end of 2005 and meet the requirements of the certificate application U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT).  The approval process daipenuhi with depat of supporters and opposition to the new airline. Representatives of city and state of California and New York led the support for the airline. Greatest opposition comes from the airline pilots association (a national airline workers union) and the airline from the U.S., led by airlines based in Houston, Continental Airlines. The view from the Virgin America application was extended because of this opposition, which claimed that Virgin America is not under the control or ownership of U.S. citizens. The application was rejected by the Department of Transportation on December 27, 2006.

In an effort to obtain approval, Virgin America suggest a restructuring of the airline: voting stock held by a representative from the DOT and the only two directors of Virgin Group, which will be a member of the eight-person board of directors. In addition, Virgin America stated that it would consider removing Richard Branson of the board of directors, and eliminate the brand "Virgin" is keseluruhan.Mskapai also preparing to replace the previous CEO Fred Reid, "which is considered important by the DOT".

Virgin America flies tentatively authorized by the DOT on March 20, 2007, but will not get a full license to do business structure changes by doing some of the reforms desired by the DOT. The reforms included the replacement of Fred Reid and restrictions on the involvement of Virgin Group in America struggle to maintain maskapai.Virgin Fred Reid as CEO, However, as part of DOT's last license in May, Reid allowed to stay for nine months after the certification of airlines, six months as CEO and three months as a consultant.

Virgin America started selling tickets in July 2007. Having delayed two years, the airline held the inaugural flight from New York and Los Angeles to San Francisco on August 8, 2007. On December 2007, C. David Cush replaced Reid as CEO of the airline.

Virgin America reported a loss of $ 270 million from August 2007, when operations began, until the first three quarters of 2008. Airlines expect to pass through the breakeven point in 2010, and hopes to get profitable quarter in 2009.
In early March 2009, reported that U.S. investors from selling their shares in Virgin America. [24] [25] Virgin America CEO declined to comment in the "personal financial condition", but noted that U.S. investors do not expect to leave the company.

On May 21, 2009, Virgin America became the first U.S. airline to offer Wi-Fi access through Gogo Inflight Internet in every flight. To start the service, Oprah Winfrey talked to a flight attendant, Mandalay Roberts, in Flight 780 between Seattle and Los Angeles using Skype. Voice over IP is not allowed in normal flight. Users must pay to enjoy this facility. Between 10 November 2009 and 15 January 2010, the airline offers free WiFi with a subsidy from Google.

On March 18, 2010, Virgin America announced its intention to begin flights to Toronto from Los Angeles and San Francisco in June 2010, which delayed because the government's permission, which will make the airline an international destination. On 2 April 2010, DOT received a proposal Virgin America to fly to Canada.

Corporate office

Virgin America rent a space of 42 000 ft ² (3.900 m²) in the Bay Park Plaza II (formerly known as the Forbes Building), a building at 555 Airport Boulevard in Burlingame, California, owned, leased, and managed by Equity Office. Virgin America occupies Suite 450 in the building, located across the lagoon from the U.S. Highway 101 (Bayshore Freeway)


Air Colbert, which is used in the first flight of Virgin America, the San Francisco International Airport
Virgin America operates a fleet of 30 Airbus A319 aircraft and A320. Virgin America received its first Airbus A320 on February 24, 2006. Bagioan of the Virgin America fleet has been used for charter flights arranged by Direct Air Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, but the agreement expired on August 4, 2009.

Virgin America announced to the public to help give the name of their plane, via the internet competition. On October 11, 2006, the first plane to be baptized with the name of the corresponding name of the band Jefferson Airplane in San Francisco. Former guitar player Grace Slick baptize the plane along with San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom and California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Two made its maiden flight on August 8, 2007, carried on the plane A320s named Air Colbert (N621VA), according to comedian Stephen Colbert's name, and California Dreaming (N622VA).

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