Ines Putri - Winner of Miss Indonesia 2012

Ines Putri - Winner of Miss Indonesia 2012
Ines Putri Chandra Tjiptadi
Miss Indonesia 2012 election has been held at the JI Expo, Kemayoran, Jakarta, Saturday (04/28/2012). Ines Putri Chandra Tjiptadi, girls aged 22 representatives of the Province of Bali is the winner of Miss Indonesia 2012. Occupying the first runner up Miss Cathy Dian Ovi (19, East Java) and second runner-up Jennifer Sumia (23, DKI Jakarta).

Profiles and Bios Ines Putri Chandra Tjiptadi Name: Ines Putri Chandra Tjiptadi Date of Birth: 5 September 1989 Height: 167 cm Weight: 52 kg Education: University of Georgia majoring in business.

List names of Miss Indonesia 2012 Big 5 are: Ines Putri Chandra Tjiptadi aged 22 from Bali, Ovi Aryani Dian Putri (19, East Java), Jennifer Sumia (23, DKI Jakarta), Natasha Gabriella (20, North Maluku) and Adila Wisusena (22, West Java), pursed into the top three to win Miss Indonesia, 1st runner up and second runner up.

While for the winner of each category won by: Miss Beautiful Skin Rafiqa achieved Soraya (NAD), Miss Patricia Healthy Gunawan (Gorontalo), Miss Maria Grabriela Online (Central Java), Miss lifesyle Nathania (Sulawesi), Miss Friendship Dina Michelle Paewestri (Papua ), Miss Meiling Favorites Thomas (West Kalimantan) and the winner of Miss Indonesia 2012 won by Ines Putri Chandra Tjiptadi aged 22 from Bali. Ines will be rewarded in the form of car insurance and $ 1 billion, a scholarship at the London School of tens of millions of dollars in cash. Ines later will represent Indonesia in Miss World 2012. Ines girl born in London, 5 September 1989 was a golf professional athletes winning gold medals and a silver in 2004. Been a champion of the Governor of Bali Cup tournament golf fan to be one of Indonesia's national team golf. Ines Putri Chandra Tjiptadi, Ines also like basketball, swimming, volleyball is ssiosik that discipline, hard work and never give up.

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