Jeff Bezoz - Founder of

Jeff Bezoz - Founder of
Jeff Bezoz - Founder of

Who is not familiar with the world's largest online retailer I'm sure everyone who knew him would ever use the Internet. But most people do not know who the leader is behind Right? He is Jeff Bezoz. Founder of

Intelligence and perseverance who was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico, January 12, 1964 has been seen since he was three years old. At that age, Jeff asked for a bed and not a place to sleep in a crib. But because it is not unusual given the bed Jeff dismantle his crib with a screwdriver. At school, the teachers find it difficult to stop Jeff from the task done. To move to the next task, they have to move Jeff to lift the seat being occupied.

Jeff's grandfather, Preston Gise the western region manager of the Atomic Energy Commission where he was responsible for the laboratory at Sandia, Lawrence Livermore, and Los Almos. At the ten-year-old Jeff, Jeff spent the summer with his grandfather in southwest Texas. Preston saw her grandson was a young scientist as he was. Then, she helped her grandson make amateur radio Heatkit and help Jeff in collecting a wide range of objects-sometimes-often undermine parents Bezos's garage. Because, in the garage then, Jeff has his own laboratory for scientific experiments.

At high school, Jeff won a competition sponsored by NASA to write a paper on the effects of the absence of gravity at an average age of flies. Later in the summer of 1981, Jeff worked as a cook McDonald's in Miami. This is where he began to recognize the importance of serving customers.

After high school, Jeff attended the University of Princeton. He majored in physics but then he moved on faculty to explore the computer so he graduated with a degree in computer science and electrical engineering. After graduating from college, Jeff worked on Wall Street. He built a computer network in a building company FITEL. Then Jeff was working as the D.E. Shaw & Co. as vice president, but was then just turned 28 years old. His boss at the time, David Shaw, asked Jeff to examine not only new business, but also a new internet business opportunities.

Jeff was thinking that could be sold on the internet. He made a list of 20 best-selling items are sold by mail. He also studied the list and the book was ranked at the top. According to the book business is big business, but no one is dominating. He realized there is no data bank by mail order to load all the available titles in one year. According to him, a computerized data bank and may be able to organize an online bookstore can be accessed via the internet. But when Jeff told me, his boss was not interested in Shaw.

Jeff was discussing this with colleagues, MacKenzie. They then wanted to try it for yourself. Jeff was thinking about a suitable name for his business. He began looking for the name "A". Finally he found a suitable name that is According to Amazon is the largest river, which represents the largest collection in the world. In November 1994, Jeff and a few colleagues, MacKenzie, Shel, and Paul began working in a cramped garage used as an office.

At that time he had two problems. The first problem is money. should be able to pay the people who make their business run. So, Jeff formed the company and he holds a position as founder, CEO, board of directors and president. The second is software. The only software available is to manage inventory and process orders for designs for business orders via regular mail. But thanks to their persistence, they can be overcome. has a very quick success because their businesses are very easy for users to find the desired book. In addition, sells their products at cheaper prices than the stores. Their success continues today, where they now also sell a range of goods other than books. Shop online and is known as the largest and most comprehensive in the world.

Today the same as you and I, God has a wonderful plan for you and me. Do not give up easily with whatever is in front of you, because there is a God who is always walking with you. Barrier is not any trouble for you and me to go forward, but made it difficult as a place to learn to be successful. God bless you.

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