Margrethe II of Denmark Life Story

Margrethe II of Denmark Life Story
Margrethe II of Denmark

Queen Margrethe (born 16 April 1940, age 72 years) is the queen of Denmark and head of state since January 14, 1972. He was born at Amalienborg Palace (Copenhagen) from the couple Frederik IX and Princess Ingrid of Sweden. Queen Margrethe II official motto is "God's help and love of the people is the strength of Denmark '. Princess Margrethe (pronounced Margretta) was baptized on May 14, 1940 at the Church of the Navy. Because the king of Denmark as it is also ruler of Iceland, he was immediately given the middle name of Iceland, Þórhildur (spelled with the letter typical of Iceland, which is simplified as "th").


Margrethe was not born to be queen, though she was the eldest son Crown Prince, who later became king. At the time of his birth in Denmark, only males can ascend the throne, because of changes in succession laws enacted in the 1850s, when the Glücksburg branch was chosen as a substitute for the king. Because Margrethe has no brothers, then his uncle, Knud, expected some time later would ascend the throne.

The process of constitutional change took place in 1947 when it became clear that Queen Ingrid would have no more children. At that time Margrethe's uncle, Arveprins Knud regarded as the heir to the throne, but the popularity of Frederik and his daughters, as well as an increasingly prominent role of women drive the process of constitutional change is not easy. The proposal must be received by two sessions of Parliament and then by a referendum, held on March 27, 1953.

Succession Act which allows a woman new to the throne Denmark, but men still take precedence, similar to systems used in the United Kingdom. Thus Princess Margrethe becomes heir to the throne of Denmark and take an additional degree Tronfølgeren (Followers Throne).

Margrethe inaugurated on 1 April 1955 at Fredensborg Palace. At the birthday-18, 16 April 1958, he gained seats in the State Council Denmark, and since then, leading the Princess Council meetings when the King was unable to.
He studied political science at Aarhus University between 1961-1962, at the Sorbonne in 1963, and at the London School of Economics in 1965.

On June 10, 1967, Princess Margrethe of Denmark married a French diplomat, Count Henri de Laborde de Monpezat in the Church of the Navy. Henri received the title "His Royal Highness Prince Henrik of Denmark" because of his new position as heir to the throne of Denmark pairs. They have two children, namely His Majesty Andre Henrik Christian Frederik (Crown Prince of Denmark) who was born on May 26, 1968 and Holgar Excellency Waldemar Christian Joachim (Prince of Denmark) who was born on June 7, 1969.

His father, King Frederick IX died in 1972. At the time came to the throne on January 14, 1972, Queen Margrethe II became the first Danish Sovereign under the Act of Succession new.

Political role

Kingdom of Denmark is a constitutional kingdom, which means that the King or Queen can not perform political acts independently. Although the queen signs all legislation before the plan was passed into law, this only applies if all of the bill was signed and approved by a Cabinet Minister. As head of state, Queen participate in the formation of new government.
After consultation with representatives of political parties, party leaders who hold the number of seats in the Danish Parliament was invited to form a new government. Once formed, the King or Queen is officially lifted. In addition, the Queen is Head of Administration and therefore the actual head of the State Council, in which the draft law approved by Parliament signed up to legally become law.

Denmark  Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of Denmark report regularly to the Queen to inform and advise the latest political developments. His Majesty received official visits by foreign heads of state and official state visits abroad. Queen receives every ambassador of foreign countries are represented in Denmark and also formally appoint and dismiss civil servants.

The main task is to represent the queen of the Kingdom abroad and to be a unifying figure in the country. Queen of this task by accepting invitations to open exhibitions, attending a day-to-day anniversaries, inaugurating bridges, and so on. As a public official who is elected, the Queen did not take part in a political party and does not express its opinions in political matters. Besides its role in his own country, the Queen is also Head of the Regiment, Colonel Royal Princess of Wales (Queen and Armed Forces Kingdom), an infantry regiment of the Army United Kingdom.

Queen Margrethe has a reputation as one of the monarchies of Europe's most modern and progressive. He openly presents himself to a television interview.
Queen was also a successful painter and praised by critics, and has held many exhibitions paintings of this dive. Often said when a Queen Margrethe was not, he can easily live with a living as a professional artist. The illustrations used for this edition of The Lord of the Rings version of Denmark, published in 1977 and republished in 2002. He is also a reliable translator and is said to participate in the translation of the book. He also designed the majority of the clothes themselves.

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