Matt Shadows Life Story

Matthew Charles Sanders (born in Huntington Beach, California, United States, July 31, 1981, age 30 years; better known as M. Shadows) is a songwriter and singer from the United States. He founded the rock band Avenged Sevenfold with Zacky Vengeance, Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan, and Matt Wendt. Then a friend Sullivan, Synyster Gates, joined a guitarist. Shadows has a kind of high-baritone voice and is famous for sounding harsh and shrill hoarse with shouting typical.

Personal Life

Shadows have started playing the piano since childhood, and when he grew up he started to like rock music and started playing guitar. Matt Shadows is married to Valary DiBenedetto, twin sister of Synyster Gates girlfriend, Michelle DiBenedetto. Valary Matt met when they were in grade 6.

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