Peter Carl Faberge Life Story

Easter eggs are the most expensive in the world is the creation ofan artist Peter Carl Faberge French (1846 - 1920) the price peregg no one under ten million dollars. In celebration of Easter 1884,Faberge eggs made ​​of gold inlaid with diamonds and diamondspiked to Tsar Alexander III. Ornamental eggs were made as a gift to Tsar empress. Faberge made ​​more or less ornamental eggs as many as 54 points. Now, eight grains of which are missing. The rest is collected by the richest people in the world, including the Queen of England and a member of the Kingdom of Monaco

Peter Carl Faberge Life Story

Peter Carl Faberge, also known as Karl Faberge Gustavovich in Russia (Russian: Карл Густавович Фаберже May 30 [OS May 18] 1846 - September 24, 1920) was a Russian jeweler, best known for the famous Faberge eggs, the eggs are made in the original style Easter, but using precious metals and gemstones rather than more simple materials.

He was born in Saint Petersburg, Russia to the Baltic German jeweler Gustav Faberge and his wife Charlotte Jungstedt Denmark. Ancestors of Gustav Faberge's father was a Huguenot, originally from La Bouteille, Picardy, who fled from France after the revocation of the Edict of Nantes, first to Germany near Berlin, then in 1800 for the Baltic province of Livonia, then part of Russia.

Originally educated in Saint Petersburg, Russia, in 1860 Gustav Faberge, along with his wife and children to retire to Dresden, leaving the business in the hands of able and trustworthy managers. Peter Carl may be doing a course at the Dresden School of Arts and Crafts. Two years later, Agathon, Faberge's second son was born. In 1864, Peter Carl started on the "Grand Tour of Europe". He received education from respected goldsmiths in Germany, France and Britain, following the course at the College of Commercial Schloss, Paris, and looking at objects in the galleries of Europe's leading museums. Travel and study continued until 1872, when at the age of 26 he returned to St Petersburg and Augusta married Julia Jacobs. Over the next 10 years, his father trusted workmaster Hiskias Pendin act as a mentor and tutor. The company is also involved with the catalog, repair, and restore the objects in the museum during the 1870s. In 1881 the business moved to larger street-level premises at 16/18 Bolshaya Morskaya.

Takes over the family business

After the death of Hiskias Pendin in 1882, Carl Faberge took responsibility for running the company. Carl was awarded a Master Goldsmith, who allowed him to use his own characteristics in addition to the company. Carl Faberge's reputation is so high that the normal three-day examination eliminated [citation needed] His brother, Agathon, a designer who is very talented and creative, joined the business of Dresden;. Where he also may be studied at the School of Arts and Crafts [citation needed] Carl and Agathon is a sensation in the Pan-Russian Exhibition held in Moscow in 1882 .. Carl was awarded the gold medal and medal of St. Stanisias. One of the Faberge display is a replica of a gold bracelet the 4th century BC Scythian Treasure of the Hermitage. Tsar declared that he could not distinguish the work of the original Faberge and ordered by the House of Faberge objects to be displayed in the museum as an example of outstanding expertise of contemporary Russia. Faberge house with a range of gems that are now the focus of the Russian Imperial Court.

When Peter Carl took over the House, there is a move from producing jewelry in fashionable style of a century later the French to-18, to become artist-jewelry. This resulted in reviving the lost art of enamel and concentrate on setting every single stone in the piece to its best advantage. Indeed, it is not uncommon for Agathon to make ten or more wax models that can be exhausted all possibilities before deciding on the final design. Shortly after joining the company Agathon, House introduces object deluxe: bejeweled gold enamel decorated with items ranging from an electric bell push to the box of cigarettes, including the objects de fantaisie.

In 1885, Tsar Alexander III to give the title Faberge Council; 'Goldsmith by special appointment to the Imperial Crown.

Tsar also commissioned the company to make the Easter egg as a gift for his wife, Queen Maria. Tsar ordered the other eggs in the next year. However, from 1887, Carl Faberge apparently given complete freedom in terms of design, which became increasingly complicated. According to family tradition of Faberge, Tsar even know what form they will take: The only provision is that each must contain a surprise. The next Tsar, Nicholas II, ordered two eggs each year, one for his mother and one for his wife, Alexandra. This tradition continued until the October Revolution.

Although best known for its Board of Faberge Imperial Easter eggs, it makes a lot more objects ranging from silver tableware to jewelery. Faberge firm to become the largest jewelry business in Russia. In addition to the headquarters of Saint Petersburg, there are branches in Moscow, Odessa, Kiev and London. It produces some 150,000 to 200,000 objects from 1882 to 1917. In 1900 his work represented Russia at the World Exposition in the 1900s in Paris. As Carl Faberge was a member of the jury, because it exhibited Faberge Council hors concours (without competition). However, the House was awarded the gold medal and the city of Carl Faberge jewelry is recognized as a maître. In addition, Carl Faberge decorated with France's most prestigious award - he was named a Knight of the Legion of Honor. Two sons, Carl and Workmaster head was also honored. Commercial, the exposition was a great success and the company obtained many orders of magnitude and the client.

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