Priscilla Chan - The Wife of Mark Zuckerberg

Priscilla Chan - The Wife of Mark Zuckerberg

Priscilla Chan, 27 years old woman who had a heart conqueror brought billionaire founder and leader of social network Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg (28), to the altar on Saturday (19/5) time Palo Alto, United States (U.S.). The main photo on his Facebook page shows the status of the white dog sits flanked by a pair of legs of male and female. Also tucked photographs of her hugging the dog crossbreed with Hungarian Sheepdog pulleys.

That new profile picture Priscilla Chan. The world community since 2003 getting to know Mark Zuckerberg. Forbes magazine this year ranked 14th place from 400 because of the rich world has a wealth of at least worth 17.5 billion U.S. dollars or equivalent to Rp161, 142 billion. However, not many people are familiar with Priscilla Chan. Priscilla has a Facebook account record 143 716 public until Sunday this friend, but the encyclopedia in the network (online) still puts his name is less well known with record disambigu (disambiguation) than the singer Priscilla Chan from Hong Kong to a career since 1965.

Wikipedia is more linked Priscilla wife of Mark Zuckerberg as the actual information in the profile data. Priscilla, according to a senior employee who was contacted Facebook AP news agency, known as a close friend of Mark Zuckerberg. They are said to often go out in the last nine years. Priscilla at last week earned a biology doctorate from the University of California, USA. As Mark out (drop out) from Harvard University, USA, in 2004. Mark and Priscilla wedding establish a limited basis, approximately 100 guests in attendance. They are reported to be more concerned with his privacy, even to protect family members from the press. However, they still share the happiness of the people of the world to share their photos of the wedding. Popular one is a photo of their pet dog Priscilla flank.

Because of the popularity of the picture, many of who accessed Facebook (Facebookers) was asked the name of the dog. The near Priscilla and Mark know the name of the dog Beast. Pricilla is smart and pretty typical of Asiatic were women of Asian descent who successfully achieve the American dream. Had higher education at Harvard, a campus with Mark, Priscilla known association polite and often brings Beast in a variety of social occasions. Mrs. Zuckerberg is starting to master a number of international languages ​​(polyglot), namely English, Spanish and various dialects of Chinese, especially Cantonese. He is also known as a great cook, even a group of culinary. Life-style diet becomes buff white color, but love the warm climate and bask in the sun.

Priscilla is also known to be familiar with the children, so it is not surprising that he was known as a favorite teacher in grade four and five for science subjects in primary schools The Harker School in 2007-2008. Mark called his friends to experience love at first sight of Priscilla when the two met in front of a small room in one party while they were still at Harvard University. The friends of both of them even believe that Mark create and maintain a special account for the idol heart.

In other words, there should be a lot of Priscilla's name in this world, but there is only one Facebook account Priscilla in Mark Zuckerberg's creation. On Monday, Priscilla Chan, a lover of Facebook founder took her medical degree from one of America's prestigious universities. And he did it a few days after inspiring a revolution in the access issue of organ donation. On Saturday last week, a small group of friends and relatives came to celebrate the graduation Chan.

They were very surprised because the actual event turned out to be a sudden marriage. Mark and Priscilla's wedding was already planned in secret for months, though it has many other projects. Mark could even take the time to design a ruby ​​ring for the bride. This was the perfect month for Priscilla, Harvard alumni who met Zuckerberg at a party campus nearly a decade ago. On May 14, when the tech world are marking the anniversary of the 28th Zuckerberg, Chan is busy taking his degree at the School of Medicine, University of California, San Francisco. He even perfected his accomplishments by becoming a member of an exclusive group of the National Medical Honor Society. Although her husband managed to shake the stock market, Chan himself more focus to the part of pediatrics (children and infants). Up to this point, his medical experience has saved many lives. Earlier this month, Facebook launched a new feature that allows users to add the organ donor status to their profile. Zuckerberg acknowledged that the idea came from Chan.

She will be pediatrician, so we usually have dinner conversation about Facebook and the children whom he met, "said Zuckerberg told ABC News. After moving talks about children who need organ transplants at the hospital, the CEO of Facebook is developing a feature effectively and add thousands of new donors in a few days, according to Life Donor. This big change for Zuckerberg, who is usually associated with lawsuits and financial speculation than to save lives. But 'Cilla,' a nickname from her Zuckerberg, making up for the better.

She was not behind him, but stand in line, with equality on display clearly. It's a big change compared to most typical billionaire's wife. After their marriage the couple made valid by changing the status of "married" on Facebook, the observers have speculated about the premarital agreement. Rosa Prince from The Daily Telegraph observed that the time of their marriage might not make Chan can enjoy the IPO income of her husband, according to California law. If they divorce, according to Donald Trump, "He's really lucky ... I was able to estimate the lawyer and the lawsuit now. Without the right decision from Chan, he would not be as successful as this. He gives advice to her, she made dinner for him, he is entitled earn at least $ 10 billion. " That's just estimate that Chan wanted her husband's property if they divorce.

Not everyone thinks like Trump. For now, the biggest concern for the rescue Chan is the children and maybe that's one reason that her husband loved her very rich. When the world was stunned to see Zuckerberg success, he also did the same thing with his wife. After getting his degree Priscilla on Monday, Mark posted a message for him on Facebook. I am very proud of you, Dr.Chan :) Yes, it's an emoticon worth billions of dollars.

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